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Martine Roy Colloquium Working Paper Series

The Martine Roy Student Colloquium was held in conjunction with the inaugural Michelle Douglas Lecture on March 15, 2022. The colloquium is named in honour of Martine Roy, a strong advocate of justice for LGBTI communities since 1984 when she was discharged from the Canadian Armed Forces for her sexual orientation. In 2017, she and others received an apology from the Canadian Government. Ms. Roy continues her leadership and LGBTI advocacy to this day.

Leading up to the colloquium, the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism invited submissions of unpublished papers under the theme "Towards equality and justice for LGBTI people". Selected students had the opportunity to present their research papers at the March 15th event.

The Colloquium and Prize are made possible by the generous contribution of IMK Advocates.

The following four papers were submitted for the Martine Roy Colloquium and Prize in 2022:

PDF icon Andie Hoàng-Lefranc_Family is Drag: Extra-Legal Formations of the White-Picket Dream

PDF icon Linnea Kornhauser_The Unspeakable Crime: Examining the Implications of Legislative Silence in Criminalizing Homosexuality in Canada

PDF icon Raphael Schmieder-Gropen_Care Not Punishment: Informing Covid-19 Policy with Lessons from the Aids Crisis

PDF icon Seth Gordon_Sexual Privacy, Cyber-Harassment, and the New Playground for Abusers: Privacy Infringements on LGBTQ Dating Apps

Human Rights Internships Working Paper Series

The Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism (CHRLP) Working Paper Series enables the dissemination of papers by students who have participated in the CHRLP’s International Human Rights Internship Program.

Through the Program, students complete placements with NGOs and tribunals where they gain practical work experience in human rights investigation, monitoring, and reporting. Students then write a research paper through a peer review and support process while participating in a seminar that critically engages with human rights discourses.

The papers in this series are distributed free of charge in PDF format. Papers may be downloaded for personal use only. The opinions expressed in these papers remain solely those of the author(s). They should not be attributed to the CHRLP or McGill University. The papers in this series are intended to elicit feedback and to encourage debate on important public policy challenges. Copyright belongs to the author(s).

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