Steps to take to retire 

If you're considering retiring, the following checklist will help walk you through the process, and ensure that no important steps are missed:

  1. The employee provides notice of retirement. 
    • For administrative and support staff: inform your immediate supervisor as soon as possible (minimum 2 weeks before retirement date)
    • For academic staff: Refer to regulations or the Academic Personnel Office
  2. Area processes retirement in Workday (refer to Termination & End Additional Job - Job Aid - Under Staffing, Termination - reason = retirement).  Any outstanding or accrued vacation will be calculated and payment arranged.
  3. Remember that an employee's retirement date is his/her last working day (not the day after).
  4. The employee may wish to attend the pertinent information sessionswatch a video capsule or attend one of PDF icon Sun Life's Financial Wellness Webinarson topics such as retirement, settlement, decumulation, etc., to learn more. 
  5. If the employee is a member of Part A (hybrid segment) of the McGill University Pension Plan who is 55-65 years old, within 6 months of retirement, the employee needs to provide Sun Life with their marital information before a settlement package can be issued.
  6. The employee consults pension information on the Sun Life Financial website including the PDF icon Retirement Planner. Then, following receipt of a settlement package from Sun Life, he/she chooses a settlement option(s) or defers settlement.
  7. The employee should familiarize themselves with the post-retirement benefits for which they may be eligible, and the services available to them (below). 
  8. If eligible, the employee then elects post-retirement benefits coverage. 
  9. You can sign up for courses in the McGill Community Lifelong Learning program within the McGill School of Continuing Studies. This program is a community of mature learners emphasizing peer learning through active participation. 
  10. You may join the McGill University Retiree Association (MURA), which will help you remain connected to a community of McGill retirees. All retired McGill academics and librarians are invited to join MAUT-Retirees who offer, among other activities, scholarly lectures and academic events.

Programs and services for retirees with post-retirement benefits

As a retired employee, you still have access to certain services and programs at McGill.  For example:

  • You get to keep your ID card, which gives you continued access to McGill libraries and other facilities on campus. 
  • You benefit by paying the staff rate when signing up for a membership in the Athletics Complex and Fitness Centre
  • You have unlimited access to your email account (first.last [at] and to personal and employee menus in Minerva.  For more information, please refer to:  What IT services can I access after I leave McGill?
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