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Retiree Affairs Committee


The Retiree Affairs Committee of the McGill Association of University Teachers (MAUT) welcomes all those who are retired from academic positions at McGill.  To enrol, please fill out the membership form and forward it by email or mail to the MAUT office.  Following information provided on the form, payment of dues, ($25 for 5 years) can be made by cheque sent to the MAUT membership officer, or by Interact transfer directly to the MAUT Retiree Affairs Committee.  Currently, your membership includes reciprocal membership in the McGill University Retiree Association (MURA).  This is supported through an agreement between MAUT and MURA.  

Through the auspices of Professor John Dealy, in 2009, the Retiree Affairs Committee was established as a standing committee of MAUT.  The chair is elected every two years, and is an ex-officio member of MAUT Council, with full voting rights.

Committee members are non-elected members, but are approved by MAUT Council.  Retirees are invited to contact members of the committee with questions and suggestions regarding their areas of responsibility, or to volunteer their time to the committee.

The purpose of the MAUT Retiree Affairs Committee is, through MAUT Council, to represent, to the university, the interests of academic retirees.  In return, academic retirees are able to provide a pool of experience, support, and mentorship for the ongoing mission of MAUT.  It is hoped that academic retirees will continue their association with MAUT and with McGill.  The expectation is for the University Administration to recognize that academic retirees remain an important pool of expertise, with an ongoing ability to serve the McGill community.

The RAC also wishes to foster a sense of community among those who spent all or part of their academic careers at McGill.  To this end it arranges opportunities for retirees to engage in academic activities, social events and recreational opportunities.  Several times a year, as an opportunity to see old friends, share news of interest, and to hear a guest speaker, the MAUT Retiree Affairs Committee organizes luncheon and lecture meetings for retired members.  These are also open to MAUT pre-retirement members, and to MURA members.  See the Social and Recreational Activities page for more information.  

Through our affiliation with the College and University Retirees Association of Canada (CURAC), we receive a number of benefits including discounts on home, auto and travel insurance

We are also a member of the US based Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education.

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