Retiree Affairs Committee


The Retiree Affairs Committee of the McGill Association of University Teachers (MAUT) welcomes its members and all those who are retired from academic positions at McGill.  To join, please fill out the membership form and send along to the MAUT office.  Currently, fees are under review and charges for joining and for annual membership are waived.  Membership includes reduced fees for events and free membership in the McGill University Retiree Association (MURA).

The needs of retirees are served by a committee whose chair is an ex-officio member of the council of MAUT. Concerns addressed by the committee include health and other benefits, activities for retirees both within and outside the university, and privileges provided McGill to retired academics. Retirees are invited to contact members of the committee with questions and suggestions regarding their areas of responsibility.

The mission of the Retiree Affairs Committee is to represent the interests of retirees to the University through MAUT and working with MURA; to create opportunities for retirees to engage in enjoyable social, recreational and educational activities; and to foster a sense of community among those who spent all or part of their academic careers at McGill. We also hope to encourage retirees to continue their association with McGill, and to demonstrate to the University that that retired faculty members represent an important pool of talent that continues to serve in various ways.

Several times a year, MAUT with MURA, organizes luncheon meetings of retired members as opportunities to see old friends, share news of interest and hear a guest speaker:

Through our affiliation with the College and University Retirees Association of Canada (CURAC), we receive a number of benefits including discounts on home and auto insurance.