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About Us

MAUT - McGill Association of University Teachers

APBM - Association des Professeur(e)s et Bibliotécaires de McGill

Who we are

MAUT | APBM is an organization of academic staff formed in 1951 to foster academic freedom, to involve the faculty in university activities and governance, and to improve the working conditions and salaries of teaching faculty and librarians.
We function within the collegial framework of academic life at McGill. Over the years we have consistently worked to improve the academic regulations and university policies dealing with employment practices, codes of conduct, salary and benefits. We are also members of provincial and national federations of university teachers, maintaining and enhancing educational standards and funding for higher education throughout all of Canada.

How we function

MAUT | APBM is governed by an Executive Committee of 7 elected Officers, and a Council made up of 14-16 elected members plus the members of the Executive Committee, all of whom work on a volunteer basis. Our paid office staff consists of an Administrative & Membership Engagement Officer and a Professional & Legal Officer.    

An active group of MAUT | APBM committees deals with many aspects of university life, and we have official representation on most major university committees, including the Committee on Academic Staff Compensation, the University Staff Benefits Advisory Committee, and the Grievance and Appeals Committee.

Experienced MAUT | APBM members also serve as academic advisors, as needed, when a colleague requires help.

Our activities

In addition to the scheduled meetings of MAUT | APBM Executive, Council and Committees, the Executive meets with the University Principal frequently throughout the year, and with other senior administrative officers as the need arises. We also host a meeting of elected academic Senators before each meeting of Senate, so that everyone can be fully informed about the agenda.

MAUT holds its Annual General Meeting every spring for all members, plus at least one special conference or retreat on a topic of current relevance. Regular communication with our members is also maintained through the MAUT | APBM Newsletter and by email.

External Links

MAUT | APBM is a founding member of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), and the Fédération Québécoise des Professeures et Professeurs d'Université (FQPPU). Collective action permits effective lobbying and acquisition of public information on matters such as federal and provincial funding for higher education, funding of basic and applied research through granting agencies, and legislation affecting university governance, salaries and working conditions.

These organizations also provide research and documentation services through which MAUT | APBM can obtain information such as comparative salary statistics, legislation analysis, model clauses and information on collective agreements at other universities within Canada and elsewhere. Lastly, membership in CAUT and FQPPU provides direct benefits to individual MAUT | APBM members, such as monthly newspapers dealing with all aspects of academic life in Canada, and group rates for insurance and travel packages. CAUT also provides access to supplementary legal services when required.

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We urge all MAUT | APBM members to participate fully as we work to ensure that our achievements of the past are not eroded during difficult times, that new challenges are not permitted to become crises, and that opportunities for improvements are not missed.

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