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What is MAUT?

MAUT is a voluntary and democratic association that has been the voice of McGill University's Academic Staff since 1951.  Unlike the majority of Canadian faculty associations, MAUT is not a union requiring you to pay dues.  We are an association dedicated to collegial behavior at all levels of the university.

We Value...

  • Collegiality
  • Academic Freedom
  • Community engagement
  • Your voice and participation
  • Working conditions that are conducive to teaching, research and other pursuits of McGill Academic Staff

What We Do

  • Assist members in the reappointment, tenure and promotion process
  • Review and develop policies on salaries, economic benefits and working conditions
  • Assist members in cases of grievances, appeals and workplace issues
  • Active in advancing academic rights, equity issues and family care
  • Through FQPPU and CAUT, we lobby and influence the Quebec and Canadian governments on university matters
  • MAUT Representatives sit on key McGill University Committees such as the Committee on Academic Staff Compensation as well as many others
  • Regularly involved in the development of university regulations and policies

Our Accomplishments

MAUT is proud of the continuous work we do for our members and all academic staff and for our collective efforts for the McGill community as a whole.

  • We have been instrumental in the development of the University's Statement of Academic Freedom
  • MAUT's input has improved the Regulations Concerning the Investigation of Research Misconduct
  • Throughout the year, we organize a series of well attended social events providing members and their families opportunities to engage with each other and have fun ~ look out upcoming MAUT events

Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive members-only workshops 
  • Access to MAUT Newsletters, members-only resource directory, social events
  • Participation at the MAUT Annual General Meeting and Forums
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to legal and professional counselling
  • Access to advisors specializing in your field or area of expertise/mentorship
  • Opportunity to vote in MAUT elections, meetings and participate in online surveys
  • Publicize your teaching portfolio through the MAUT website and social media platforms
  • Recognition through MAUT awards
  • Subscription to the CAUT Bulletin
  • Online access to the FQPPU Infolettre
  • Enhance your Service Dossier with MAUT volunteer opportunities 

Become an MAUT Member Today... 

By becoming a member, you are supporting and strengthening our effectiveness in advancing and protecting the interests of all academic staff and in maintaining the quality of academic life at McGill.  Member types as follows: 

  • Full Member:  Anyone with an academic appointment (not included in a collective agreement) at McGill, with duties equal to or greater than half of a regular full-time appointment (contract, tenure track or tenured).  Dues are currently 0.58% of your salary and are fully tax deductible, effectively reducing the actual cost to approximately half of the amount.
  • Associate Member:  Anyone with an academic appointment at McGill, with duties less than half of a regular full-time appointment.  Dues are currently fixed at $190/year and fully tax deductible.
  • Librarians:  Librarian members of MAUT are also eligible to become members of the MAUT Library Section.
  • Retired Member:  Any MAUT member who is retired from an academic appointment at McGill with an active membership at the time of retirement and not reappointed with academic rank at McGill.  Dues are $25 for 5 years payable to MAUT Retiree Affairs Committee.  Retired Member application form.
  • Additional membership details can be found in the MAUT Constitution, Article III.

How to become a member of MAUT 

Downloadable instructions - PDF version English and French

Should you have any questions, please contact  membership.maut [at] (Jo-Anne Watier), Administrative and Membership Engagement Officer.


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