Information sessions

For members who are seeking to learn more about retirement and related decisions regarding their pension holdings, it is suggested that you attend the sessions in the following order:

  1. Retirement Information Session
  2. Part A (hybrid) Information Session (for employees hired before January 1, 2009 participating in the hybrid arrangement.  Refer to your Workday Benefits or your Annual Statement which is available via the My Account page)
  3. Settlement  Options Information Session
  4. Decumulation/Payout Phase Information Session.

General information session

Intended for Part B members (defined contribution - joined on or after January 1, 2009) of the McGill University Pension Plan and newly hired employees contemplating joining the Plan. Topics will include:

  • Should I join?
  • How much will I have to contribute?
  • How much will the University contribute on my behalf?
  • What investment options are available to me?
  • How do I decide which investment options are appropriate for me?
  • How do I make a change to my investment distribution?
  • How can I better understand my pension statement?

Retirement information session

Intended for all members of the McGill University Pension Plan, and of particular interest to those members approaching retirement. Topics will include:

  • How much will I need at retirement?
  • Understanding the importance of planning for your retirement,
  • Overview of the retirement options and decisions you will need to make, and
  • Tools to assist you in determining if you will have sufficient money at retirement.
  • Which benefits are available post-retirement?

Part A (hybrid) information session

Intended for members of Part A (hybrid segment) of the McGill University Pension Plan (joined prior to January 1, 2009. We recommend that, if possible, members of Part A attend this session before attending a Settlement Options Information Session.  **If you attained age 65 prior to August 2020 or already settled your defined benefit holdings, you should not register for this session as the defined benefit minimum provisions no longer apply in these cases.  

Topics of this session will include:

  • Difference between a defined contribution (DC), defined benefit (DB) and hybrid (DC + DB) pension plan.
  • What is the defined benefit minimum for the MUPP?
  • What is the DB minimum formula?
  • How is the supplement calculated?
  • What is the difference between receiving my supplement as a pension or a transfer value?
  • When is the supplement paid?
  • Where can I view my current supplement?
  • How do interest rates impact the supplement?

Settlement options information session

Intended for members of the McGill University Pension Plan who need additional information on the settlement options available to them at retirement or termination of employment. Topics will include:

  • How much will I need at retirement?
  • What is a Life-Income Fund (LIF)?
  • What is an annuity?
  • Overview of the McGill Group LIF and other preferential arrangements
  • How do I access my pension holdings online?
  • What does locked-in mean?

Decumulation/payout phase information session

Intended for members of the McGill University Pension Plan who are approaching retirement and the payout phase of their careers.  It is highly recommended that you attend a Retirement Information Session and/or Settlement Options Information Session prior to registering for this session.  Topics will include:

  • What are the risks associated with the "decumulation"/payout phase of retirement?
  • Cash flow requirements, inflation and purchasing power, rates of return, longevity risk
  • What are the settlement and investment options available to me?
  • How to review your investment strategy and choose an investment dealer or representative?
  • What are my sources of income during retirement?  Which should I withdraw first?

Presentation slides

Copies of the slides used in the various presentations are available for your viewing. You are cautioned that the information provided in the various presentations may not adequately address your individual needs and circumstances and does not constitute financial advice. You should also consider obtaining investment advice from an appropriately qualified individual in addition to using any information contained in these presentations.  You may also wish to watch our video capsules or register for one of PDF icon Sun Life's Financial Wellness Webinars.

PDF icon General Session (updated November 2023)

PDF icon Retirement Information Session (updated March 2024)

PDF icon Part A (Hybrid) Session - Understanding the Defined Benefit Minimum (updated April 2024)

PDF icon Settlement Options (updated March 2024)

PDF icon Decumulation Session (updated November 2023)

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