Simplified Pension Plan (SPP)

This plan is managed externally by Industrial Alliance. For general inquiries please visit their website, or contact them at 1-800-567-5670.

The McGill University Simplified Pension Plan for Temporary Employees (SPP) allows Temporary Employees and Course Lecturers to save towards their retirement by offering similar advantages to those of the McGill University Pension Plan.

Eligible employees will make monthly contributions via payroll deduction together with University contributions on a percentage based on their age.  These contributions accumulate along with the investment income they generate, in order to provide an amount at retirement which can be converted into a pension.

AGE RANGE McGill contributes
% of basic earnings
You contribute
% of basic earnings
  • age 39 or less
5.0%* 5.0%*
  • age 40 to 49
7.5%* 7.0%*
  • age 50 to 65
10.0%* 8.0%*

*less 1.8% of basic earnings subject to QPP

*less 1.8% of basic earnings subject to QPP

Temporary Employees whose employment is similar or identical to regular Full-time Employees and Regular Part-time Employees participating in the McGill University Pension Plan may apply for membership in the SPP during the calendar year following the one in which they met one of the following conditions:

  • Received remuneration equal to or greater than 35% of the Quebec Pension Plan’s earnings limit ($21,560 in 2021 to be eligible in 2022, $22,715 in 2022 to be eligible in 2023), or
  • Completed at least 700 hours of employment.

Each year, all employees who meet the criteria to join the Simplified Pension Plan will be invited to enroll via the Industrial Alliance website (investment allocation, beneficiary designation etc...)

In all cases, participation in the plan is your choice; it’s entirely optional.

McGill contributes at least as much as you do! 

Learn more about the McGill University - Simplified Pension Plan by watching this short (11 minute) video 

Your Simplified Pension Plan

Please note:

  • In addition to the criteria noted earlier, eligibility for a pension plan is based on the employee’s primary position, the position where the employee receives the majority of their eligible earnings;
  • Employees are only permitted to participate in one pension plan at a time;
  • Contributions are made based on the earnings of the eligible position(s) recognized under the applicable pension plan only and as such, you may not have contributions made on all earnings; and
  • If you are eligible for the McGill University Pension Plan, you are not eligible for the SPP.
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