Pension Administration Committee

As trustees of the Pension Fund, the members of the PAC have fiduciary responsibility for ensuring that investments are made on a prudent basis and in accordance with the demographic profile of its members and the financial needs of the membership. The PAC is also responsible for all administrative matters pertaining to the provision of benefits as set forth in the Plan Document and acts within the framework of legislation and regulations issued under the Supplemental Pension Plans Act of the Province of Quebec and the Income Tax Act of Canada. These responsibilities are discharged through regular meetings of the PAC, and through a network of external advisors and consultants and the staff of Pension Administration and Pension Investments.

Members of the Pension Administration Committee

The Pension Administration Committee ("PAC") will consist of nine members, appointed as follows:

Two members designated by the Board of Governors:

tina.hobday [at] (Ms. Tina Hobday)

edwamy100 [at] (Mr. Myles Edwards)

Two members designated by the President and the Chair of the Board of Governors:

diana.dutton [at] (Ms. Diana Dutton), Chair
Associate Vice-President (Human Resources)

cristiane.tinmouth [at] (Ms. Cristiane Tinmouth)
Associate Vice-President (Financial Services)

Two members who are members of the academic staff and Members of the Plan, elected by academic staff or appointed by the Committee where applicable, who are Members and/or Retired Members of the Plan:

markus.poschke [at] (Professor Markus Poschke)

sebastien.betermier [at] (Professor Sebastien Betermier )

Two members who are members of the Administrative and Support Staff and Members of the Plan, elected by Administrative and Support Staff or appointed by the Committee where applicable, who are Members and/or Retired Members of the Plan:

christopher.newman [at] (Mr. Christopher Newman)
Senior Analyst, Application Services, IT Services

lara.pereira [at] (Ms. Lara Pereira), Vice-Chair

The ninth member will be an independent member appointed by the Board of Governors pursuant to advice from the PAC:

pierre-lavigne [at] (Mr. Pierre Lavigne)

Duties and responsibilities

Extract of Section X of the McGill University Pension Plan - Plan Document

The Committee shall have full power to administer the Plan and the Pension Fund, such power to include, but not to be limited to, the following:

(a) to hold and dispose of the Pension Fund as provided in this Plan and in accordance with the Statement of Investment Policy;

(b) to provide for the prudent investment of the assets of the Pension Fund by creating and maintaining such policies as are reasonable and necessary for such purpose, and to allocate the assets of the Pension Fund to such Funds, Pools, asset classes and investment managers as it shall deem appropriate;

(c) to enter into agreements with chartered banks or licensed trust companies to provide for the custody and safekeeping of the assets of the Pension Fund;

(d) to enter into agreements with administrators, investment managers and such other delegates and agents as it deems appropriate to provide for the proper administration of the operations of the Plan and investment of the assets of the Pension Fund;

(e) to maintain a continuing review of the performance of all investment managers, administrators, custodians, delegates and agents and to make changes from time to time, as required, in the appointment or the mandate of any such firm or individual;

(f) to make and enforce such rules and regulations as it shall deem necessary or proper for the efficient administration of the Plan and the Pension Fund;

(g) to interpret the Plan, its interpretation thereof in good faith to be final and conclusive;

(h) to determine the methods to be employed for the valuation of the holdings of the Pension Fund and to compute the unit values referred to in this Plan;

(i) to calculate the amounts of benefits or other payments which shall be payable to any Member, contingent annuitant or beneficiary in accordance with the provisions of the Plan, to determine the person or persons to whom any such amount shall be paid, and to authorize all payments to be made for such purposes;

(j) to prepare budgets, accounts and records showing the detailed operation of the Plan and to arrange for the audit of such records and accounts by independent auditors;

(k) to appoint the Actuary to carry out actuarial valuations and to authorize actuarial studies as required by law, as required as a basis for recommending changes in pension or benefit provisions of the Plan, or as required for effective administration of the Plan;

(l) to recommend changes in the Plan to keep it current with respect to other universities and major employers;

(m) to delegate its powers as it sees fit and in accordance with Applicable Legislation.


The schedule for meetings of the Pension Administration Committee for 2023/2024 appears below. Committee meeting dates are scheduled in the month of March for the following year.

2023/2024 Meeting Schedule

PDF icon September 20, 2023

PDF icon December 13, 2023

PDF icon March 20, 2024

PDF icon May 1, 2024

PDF icon June 12, 2024

Pension Plan Document

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