Doctoral Student

The Doctoral Internship Program will allow you to dip your toe before diving into the workforce.  

Carefully read and understand the process and eligibility outlined on this page before finding your internship. 

Note: Travel registry is required for internships outside of Canada.

Value & Duration

  • Students may receive up to $2,000 per month from McGill (GPS funding internship unit) while engaged in the program, for a maximum period of 3 consecutive months.
  • The award amount is prorated depending on the duration of the internship, and whether it is part-time (15 to 29hrs/week) or full-time (30 to 40hrs/week).


  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Students should apply at least 2 months in advance of the proposed start date.


Students must:

  • Be enrolled in a doctoral program at McGill and remain registered full-time during the internship
  • In-course doctoral students
    • Applicants are making satisfactory progress towards their degree.
    • myProgress milestones and program/coursework requirements are completed in a timely manner.
    • Letter of support from supervisor.
  • End of degree doctoral students:
    • Applicants have submitted their initial thesis before the start date of the internship.
    • Have not defended their thesis prior to starting the internship. 
      Note: GPS does not encourage students to delay their defense date until after their internship. You may defend your thesis during your internship to meet graduation deadlines for the current term.
  • Be PhD 6 or earlier
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP) Requirement:
    • Applicants are required to have created their IDP (see IDP Tools offered by myPath).
    • Once this requirement has been fulfilled, they must complete the IDP Verification Form to attest that they have created their IDP. Note: Applicants are NOT required to submit their personal IDP document.
  • Complete the course Preparing for Your Internship on myCourses and submit the certificate of completion to GPS prior to start date of internship in order to process award payments.
  • If applicable, hold appropriate work permit for internship site

Note: the purpose of the Doctoral Internship Program is to give students learning experiences outside of their current network. Internships that are part of the student’s current graduate program, or that are related to the student’s research for their degree are not eligible for this opportunity.  If unsure, please internships.gps [at] (subject: Internship%20inquiry) (contact GPS) to verify eligibility.

How to Apply

Students are responsible for securing their own internship. However, the GPS website offers resources to help doctoral students achieve this step.

Complete the online application form, and upload the following supporting documents:

  1. PDF icon Doctoral Internship Plan including all required signatures. 
  2. A Personal Statement (max. 1 page) from the applicant indicating why this opportunity is important for their career
  3. CV of the applicant
  4. In-course doctoral students:
    1. A Progress Tracking Report that highlights satisfactory progress towards the degree. The Report must be signed by relevant parties.
    2. A copy of the degree audit from myProgress (a PDF version of the audit can be downloaded by clicking Save as PDF).
    3. A letter of support from your supervising professor to complete an internship during your doctoral studies.

Students will be required to complete the PDF icon DIP Student final report at the end of their internship. 


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