Find an Internship

You can find below our listing of previous hosts who have opportunities in their organization for doctoral interns. However, we encourage you to look for the internship opportunities that better align with your career plans. 


Steps to find your internship 

Internship process

Criteria for Internships

  • The company or organization must be legitimate
  • Should ideally be 3 months in length (minimum of 1 month)
  • Interns may work the legal maximum (equivalent to full-time work) each week, which is dependent on their immigration status within the country of work. 
  • Interns should be conducting high-level, meaningful work appropriate to their level of education and expertise
  • Must gain valuable experience from the opportunity
  • A clear job description with defined tasks and objectives 


Internship Opportunities with Previous Hosts

  • You can find our listings here:

For an introduction to any of our postings contacts, email graduatefunding.gps [at] (subject: DIP%20-%20Request%20for%20an%20introduction%20to%20potential%20host) (Graduate Funding).


For FAQs, please click here.


You can also find some ideas for internships in our old Doctoral Internship Program database. Note, however, that this database may not have the latest information and opportunities may not be available anymore. Open for Windows 32-bit // Open for MacOS and 64-bit version of Office

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