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Internships provide valuable learning experiences, potential career paths, and endless networking opportunities. The high-level skills and knowledge you have earned during your doctoral studies give you the flexibility to explore a variety of industries and organizations. The Doctoral Internship Program will allow you to dip your toe before diving into the workforce.  

Carefully read and understand the process and eligibility outlined on this page before finding your internship. Travel registry is required for internships outside of Canada.

For a limited time, the Doctoral Internship Program is open to in-course thesis Master's and in-course doctoral  students. In-course internships for doctoral students and all internships from Master’s students will need approval from the McGill supervisor, who will sign off on the application form. Information on this page is applicable to all applicants. Please see FAQs


Value & Duration

  • Students may receive up to $2,000 per month from McGill (GPS) while engaged in the program, for a maximum period of 3 consecutive months.
  • The award amount is prorated depending on the duration of the internship, and whether it is part-time or full-time.


Students must apply at least 2 months in advance of the proposed start date.


Students must:

  • Be enrolled in a doctoral or Master’s thesis program at McGill and remain registered full-time during the internship
  • Have completed their Individual Development Plan (IDP). Students can use the myPath tools or any of our recommended options to create their IDP
  • Be PhD 6 or earlier, or M2 or earlier
  • For PhDs, must have held an advisory committee meeting within 10 months prior to the start date of internship (if not at the end of their doctoral degree program)
  • For PhDs, must not have defended their thesis prior to start date of internship
  • If applicable, must hold appropriate work permit for internship site

Please note that we do not encourage that students delay their defence date until after their internship. You may defend your thesis during your internship to meet graduation deadlines for the current term.

Note that the purpose of the Graduate Internship Program is to give students learning experiences outside of their current network. Internships that are part of the student’s current graduate program, or that are related to the student’s research for their degree are not eligible for this opportunity.  If unsure, please graduatefunding.gps [at] (subject: GrIP%20inquiry) (contact GPS) to verify eligibility.

How to Apply

Students are responsible for securing their internship. However, the GPS website offers resources to help doctoral students achieve this step.

Complete the online application form, and upload the following supporting documents:

  1. Internship Plan including all required signatures. 
  2. A Personal Statement (max. 1 page) from the applicant indicating why this opportunity is important for their research career
  3. CV of the applicant

Students will be required to complete a final report at the end of their internship. 

Career Development Resources

Some very helpful resources are available to you as a McGill student.

  • ION (Internship Offices Network)
  • CAPS (Career planning Service)
  • myFuture: job search and career tool suite hosted by CAPS
  • SKILLSETS: Unlock your potential
  • Faculty and department specific advisors


For FAQs, please click here.

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