Youth Action & Outreach

The Faculty of Engineering is collaborating with youth and teachers in high-school settings to support experiential, relationship-centered, responsive learning opportunities to create accessible pathways to higher education for diverse populations.   

We see youth engagement as a long-term commitment, which cannot exist in isolation from students’ home and extracurricular lives. Our programs and projects are integrated with the classroom teachers’ desired learning outcomes, and we work to cultivate sustainable, ongoing partnerships that foster critical thinking and active citizenship for everyone involved.   

Our goal is to partner with community schools to design and support hands-on, playful learning explorations that weave interdisciplinary subject matter together. We emphasize the importance of ongoing, consistent relationship building and strong communication with our partners both on and off campus. We work with teachers to bring resources together, from both the local communities as well as McGill. We create spaces where students can see themselves as active agents of change within their local community and society at large.

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Our Projects

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Our Approach

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Our Partners

Get involved

We always have opportunities for faculty, staff, youth, and local community organizations. We’d love to connect with you and see how our visions align.

To learn more about E-IDEA or to get involved, please contact: [at]

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