EDI Advocacy Program

The Faculty of Engineering EDI Advocacy Program is one component of an overarching strategy within the faculty to promote equity, diversity and an inclusive environment. Through the EDI Advocacy Program, volunteer staff and faculty members are designated as EDI Advocates by the Faculty Equity Committee. All EDI Advocates have completed active listening and equity-related training designed to better equip them to act as resources for staff and students seeking support for issues related to diversity, inclusivity and equity.

Being an EDI Advocate involves a deep commitment to providing fair and equitable opportunities to all, in particular to underrepresented groups who may face systemic barriers to access or advance in specific areas of study, positions, or careers. EDI Advocates strive towards building a more inclusive learning and working environment in the Faculty of Engineering.

    EDI Advocates are people who:

    • Are willing to support and be compassionate listeners for students, staff and faculty who approach them

    • Are aware of where to refer people who come to them seeking resources

    • Are clear of the limitations of their role as an EDI Advocate, and in particular understand that their position does not make them a counselor or therapist

    Some EDI Advocates may choose to be identified by posting a sticker on their office door or wearing an EDI Advocates pin.

    Interested in becoming an EDI Advocate? All it takes is motivation, commitment to equity, and following a few training workshops! For more information, please contact eidea [at] mcgill.ca (Nia Fernandez).

    For an updated list of current EDI Advocates and their contact information, see the Meet the EDI Advocates page.

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