Enhanced Power Engineering Concentration

The Institute of Electrical Power Engineering (IEPE) was established as a province-wide centre for Electrical Power Engineering education. It is funded by industry, primarily Hydro-Québec, and provides a comprehensive program and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. The Institute of Electrical Power Engineering also acts as a point of contact between industry and universities involved in power engineering and aims to meet present and future needs of the power engineering industry.

Students in the Enhanced Power Concentration will not only benefit from a complete and up to date final year program in Electrical Power Engineering,​​​​but will also have access to industry sponsored projects, internships and new employment opportunities.



    Eligibility Criteria

    To be considered, the applicant must:

    • Be registered in the B.Eng. program (regular Electrical Engineering)
    • Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status
    • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50 out of 4.30
    • Have completed or be registered in ECSE 362 – Fundamentals of Power Engineering;
    • Have in their academic record a minimum of 64 credits and a maximum of 91 credits accepted in the Electrical Engineering program at the end of the term when they apply. A minimum of 55 credits must be completed in an IEPE member university
    • Complete the degree requirements at the end of 2020 Winter, Summer or Fall terms, no later than December 2020.

    Selection Criteria

    The number of students selected, expected to be between 5 and 10, will be the subject of a specific agreement between the University and the Institute. Selection criteria to the Institute will be based on CGPA and on the Curriculum Vitae. The selection process for the scholarship may involve an interview with the committee presided by Hydro-Québec and other industrial partners. Internships with industrial partners are available.


    The IEPE offers up to 25 scholarships per year for participating students. These scholarships, funded by Hydro-Québec and industrial partners, are valued from $3,000 to $5,000 and are awarded to select IEPE students.

    Technical Electives and Laboratories

    Students selected for the Enhanced Power Concentration must take (or have taken) five courses from the following list, for a total of 15 credits. Of the five required courses, two must be
    taken in French and two in English.

    IGEE No. Title Course No. McGill Title
    Compulsory Courses Group 1
    401 Power Electronic Systems ECSE 465 Power Electronic Systems
    402 Power Systems Analysis I ECSE 464 Power Systems Analysis I
    405 Systèmes électromécaniques ECSE 470 Electromechanical Systems
    Optional Courses Group 2 (2 out of 5)
    404 Commande de processus industriels ECSE 403 Control
    407 Comportement des réseaux électriques ECSE 467 Comportement des réseaux électriques
    408 Électricité industrielle ECSE 468 Électricité industrielle
    409 Protection des réseaux électriques ECSE 469 Protection des réseaux électriques
    410 Appareillage électrique et matériaux ECSE 460 Appareillage électrique
    416 Réseaux de distribution ECSE 466 Réseaux de distribution
    418 Electrical Power Generation ECSE 463 Electrical Power Generation
    Group 3
    421 Projet de fin d'études ou projet intégrateur ECSE 458 Capstone Design Project

    Courses ECSE 460, ECSE 466, ECSE 467 and ECSE 468 are taught in French. ECSE 464 and ECSE 470 (Fall semester), ECSE 463, ECSE 465, ECSE 466, ECSE 467 and ECSE 468 are courses sponsored by the Institute and taught at Polytechnique Montréal.

    In addition, students must complete ECSE 458 (Capstone Design Project) on a practical project in Power Engineering, preferably at the Institute or with a company sponsoring the Institute.

    Visit the IEPE Web Site or contact undergrad.ece [at] mcgill.ca for further details concerning this program.

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