Mathematics Requirements

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Career and Professional Development (CPD) Programs

You may need to meet some mathematics requirements for certain programs in this department. You may be eligible for exemption based on previously completed courses.

To receive an exemption, you must meet the following criteria:

  • The previous courses must have been completed within the last 5 years.
  • The course has been successfully completed with a minimum grade of 75% (see table below for specifics).


  • If you have completed the course more than 5 years ago, it will not be considered, regardless of the grade received.
  • Regardless of the degree of studies obtained (engineering, math, physics etc.), if you completed it more than 5 years ago, and if you are not pursuing any graduate studies or research in a related field, no math exemptions will be granted.


Exemptions may be granted based on the following previously pursued math courses:

CMSC 000 Foundations of Mathematics

Quebec CEGEP courses:

1) Math 536 Upgrading (Math 536 Enrichi) OR
Pre-Calculus with a minimum grade of 80% such as 201-HSG 


2) A course covering sequences and series* (including infinite sequence equations) with a minimum grade of 80%.

* Note: Sequences and Series constitute 30% of the course and if absent no exemptions will be given.

CMSC 101 Mathematical Tools for Management Professionals

Quebec CEGEP courses: 

Calculus 1 (such as 201-NYA) AND
Linear Algebra (such as 201-NYC) AND 
Probability Theory (such as 201-HTH) with a minimum grade of B in each of the courses.


McGill courses (each with a minimum grade of “B”):

Math 140 Calculus 1 AND
Math 141 Calculus 2


Math 122 Calculus for Management AND 
Math 123 Linear Algebra and Probability

Concordia courses (each with a minimum grade of “B”):
Math 208 AND Math 209

CMS2 500 Mathematics for Management
(Graduate level course)
Students need to have completed courses at the University level with a minimum grade of B, in each of the areas of Mathematics in Finance, Probability & Statistics and Optimization to be considered for an exemption.

NOTE: Upon the granting of an exemption, no credits are granted for all of the above mentioned courses.

Requesting an Exemption

To request an exemption, you must submit a completed and signed Advanced Standing Request form, along with the required supporting documents, when you apply for admission.

When submitting a course outline as a support document, it should be from the same academic year and term as that which appears on your transcript. Otherwise, it will be refused.

Alternatively, you may also opt for an Exemption by Examination Test.

Registering for Courses with Prerequisites

If you want to register for a course that requires a prerequisite, but your grade for the prerequisite is still pending, you will be allowed to register.

However, once you receive your grade:

  • If you did not obtain a minimum grade of “C” (undergraduate level course)
  • If you did not obtain a minimum grade of “B-” in the prerequisite course CMSC 000
  • If you did not obtain a minimum grade of “B-” (graduate level course)

You are responsible to withdraw from the course you registered for.  The School will notify students who have been withdrawn from a course.

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