Professional Development Certificate in Parliamentary Governance

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McGill-Commonwealth Parliamentary Association program wins Best Custom Program Award 2018

The Professional Development Certificate in Parliamentary Goverance program has been awarded the Best Custom Program Award at the 2018 Conference on Management and Executive Development (CMED).


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Required Courses
YCBS 250 Introduction to Commonwealth Parliamentary Governance (3 CEUs)
In-class, Part-time
Spring/Summer 2019
This course is designed to provide participants with an overview of the Commonwealth, the role of parliament in modern society; the factors that influence how parliaments carry out their functions; the role of the Speaker and other presiding officers; women in parliament, as well as an introduction to parliamentary procedure. 3 CEUs.
YCBS 251 Contemporary Issues in Parliamentary Governance (4 CEUs)
Fall 2019
This course addresses core functions of Parliament, including the legislative process and interactions with civil society; legislative- executive-judiciary relations; parliamentary values - codes of conduct; the role and responsibilities of: the opposition, the backbencher, committees and parliamentary staff; the corporate management of parliament; and parliamentary procedure & aspects of debate.
YCBS 252 Advanced Commonwealth Parliamentary Governance (3 CEUs)
Live Online
Fall 2019
This course builds upon the Introduction to Commonwealth Parliamentary Governments course. In addition to considering such issues as different parliamentary models in the Commonwealth (parliamentary, parliamentary-presidential, and presidential) and executive-legislative relations, this course introduces the concept of parliamentary benchmarks. Participants will learn about the CPA benchmarks and regional variations thereof, and will be able to assess their own parliaments using these benchmarks - noting what practical steps could be taken to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their parliaments. 3 CEUs
YCBS 253 Parliamentary Communications (3 CEUs)
Winter 2020
This course will examine the relationship between parliament and the media. In addition to providing the legal framework to allow for access to information and freedom of the press, the course will contain practical examples of how to make parliaments newsworthy. Using guidelines and other materials from the course, participants will be preparing a speech / interview/briefing on the subject of their choice.



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