Buzz Gibbs

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Degree Certifications

BA in history from Université de Montréal, M.Ed. (Administration and Policy Studies) from McGill

Academic Unit

Career and Professional Development


Buzz is an elected school board commissioner, management consultant, writer, and lecturer in issues management, as well as an consultant and advisor at McGill's School for Continuing Studies.

He has broad experience in business and public policy analysis, corporate reputation and brand measurement, and media, communications, and public relations analysis. 

Buzz was a senior analyst with Canadian Trend Report (CTR) specializing in trend and policy analysis. He had a lengthy tenure with Bell Canada, serving as Director - Corporate Communications Planning and Strategy, Director - Communications Strategy, Director - BCE/Bell Corporate Research, and was a long-standing member of Bell’s crisis communications team. He then joined Harris Decima Research as VP, Public Affairs & Corporate Reputation.

Buzz holds a bachelor of education in history from the U. of M., a Class A teaching certificate and a master of eduation (administration and policy) from McGill. He has been active in issue-scanning and trend-forecasting groups, and is a former member of the Americas Advisory Board of Global Asset Management.