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Number of Interns: 1 per position
Proposed Start Date: ASAP
Proposed End Date: flexible

Number of Work Hours per Week: 10

Date Posted: April 28, 2021

Contact Name/ Supervisor: Philip Harrison

Full Address of organization/unit: 40 Allée des brises du Fleuve, #306, Verdun, Quebec H4G 3M9

Additional Information: The intern would work with the Square Alumni Foundation founder and the member of McGill faculty who is developing the online lecture.


How to Apply:

Position filled.


The Square Alumni Foundation is a charity organization that supports pharmacy education in sub-Saharan Africa. The Foundation provides a way to pool experiences and resources of Square Alumni and other UK pharmacists to help improve health care delivery in sub-Saharan Africa. It does this particularly by motivating pharmacists to make a difference by sharing their experience, resources, and funding to help pharmacy education, thus, improving healthcare where it is most needed. The Square Alumni Foundation has already helped students in Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, and Ethiopia.


Placement Description & Logistics

We are developing online lectures for the following reasons:

1. The participating universities can supplement their curriculum, thus, broadening the education of their undergraduates and master’s students.

2. The faculty involved in the project can gain experience and knowledge.
3.To foster academic liaison for the benefit of all parties that are involved.


Internship Tasks

Task 1: Identify the key differences of online offerings compared to traditional (classroom) lectures, including recommendations for format and opportunities that are not available in a face-to-face lecture. Part of this will be to review comparable programs.
Task 2: Review platforms for the online lectures (e.g. Perform a needs assessment to specify what the clients of the organization/ project need)
Task 3: Assist the content developer, lecturer, or professor (depending on the success of the first two tasks and the duration or extension of the internship)


Expected outputs:

Deliverable 1: A summary review of key elements of online lectures that the developer/programmer should consider.

Deliverable 2: Document summarizing comparison of platforms (and a recommendation if possible). The intern may help in the implementation of recommendations if time allows.

Deliverable 3: Timely response and assistance to the developer, lecturer, or professor’s requests.

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