The Future of Project Management: A Conversation with Leaders from Across Sectors

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The impact of COVID and the continued advance of digital technologies are reshaping the field of project management and that critical business frameworks, processes and tools that allow organizations to turn ideas into results. What does the future hold for this indispensable business discipline and how can the project manager of today and tomorrow best prepare to solve challenges and capitalize on opportunities? 

Join us for a panel discussion with experts from across sectors to explore the future of project management and tackle questions such as: 

  • How has COVID transformed project management?  
  • How will the technologies like AI, 5G, cloud computing, 5G and IoT, and the advance of digital transformation, impact project management methods and practices?  
  • What challenges does the future hold for project managers? 
  • What skills will the next generation of project managers need? 
  • What opportunities can project managers of today and tomorrow prepare to capitalize on to make a different to organizations and fuel their careers?  


Our Panelists


Host and Moderator: David Kynan, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications, McGill University School of Continuing Studies


Brought to you by McGill SCS Alumni Relations and (CATS) Career Advising and Transition Services. 


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