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IoT Ecosystem: Technology, Platforms, and 5G Target Use Cases

27 Apr 2021

With the aggressive global launch of 5G technology and associated “Edge” infrastructure expansion, in conjunction with the ongoing investments in 4G/LTE densification, the complex IoT ecosystem is...

5G Powered IoT Ecosystem, Innovations and Opportunity Reboot

27 Apr 2021

The Internet of Things (IoT), first coined in the late 1990s, has had a very colourful and often controversial history, with broad commercial successes in consumer IoT (B2C) but with very limited...

5G for Investors and Entrepreneurs


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5G, Health and the Environment


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Preparing for the 5G “Brave New World”

12 Oct 2020

The foregoing discussion (re: Parts 1 to 3 of this blog series) has attempted to demystify the fascinatingly complex and dynamic story of the global launch of 5G and associated opportunities and...

“Inconvenient” Elephants in the Room – 5G's Potential Impacts on Health and Environment

10 Oct 2020

The 5G geopolitics discussed previously (re: Part 2 of my blog) have also spilled into the health arena as well. Early reports of the spread of the coronavirus in China suggested connections with...

5G: Unleashing Massive Market Opportunity and Innovation

9 Oct 2020

In my mind, 5G fundamentally changes the game by enabling, for the first time, innovation at scale and speed. And this innovation is anchored across a number of new capabilities, or what some in...

Mobile History, Standards, and the Dramatic Launch of 5G

9 Oct 2020

For some, 5G, as in “fifth generation”, might sound as something familiar following the “standard” approximate 10 year cycle upgrades in mobile technology that the market has witnessed through the...


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