McGill University School of Continuing Studies Announces Innovative Graduate Certificate Programs in Supply Networks With a Unique AI Perspective

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Two new graduate-level programs introduce a radically new approach to supply management

McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies announced the launch of two groundbreaking graduate certificates in supply networks – the next generation of supply chains – at the first edition of ALL IN, the country’s largest gathering dedicated to Canadian artificial intelligence (AI). The graduate certificates in Dynamic Supply Networks and Integrated Supply Networks focus on the new realities of supply management: supply networks, powered by AI, shift away from linear processes to a smart and adaptive structure, allowing organizations to be more resilient, profitable, and sustainable.

These new graduate certificates in supply networks join a suite of other recently launched graduate-level programs in Financial Technology, Data Analysis for Complex Systems, and Data-Driven Decision Making, with AI as an integral focus of their curricula.

“Our new graduate certificate programs serve as a launching pad for next-generation careers, providing our learners with the tools needed to thrive in a world where AI is a constant presence in all aspects of daily life and work,” explains Carola Weil, Ph.D., Dean of Continuing Studies at McGill University. She adds: “As an institution of advanced learning preparing a future-ready workforce, the School of Continuing Studies introduced these programs to empower today’s professionals to solve the challenges of tomorrow, and to seize the opportunities of AI responsibly and ethically.”

Preparing the supply network professionals of tomorrow

Technologies, automation, and AI-based solutions are now built into numerous functions of an organization, including logistics, operations, and processes. The need to equip professionals and future members of the workforce with the competencies and skills to succeed in this new reality is urgent.

Being able to leverage automation and AI tools is a key competency required to meet the need for resilience and robustness in supply network design. Achieving these learning outcomes was an essential requirement in the development of the programs’ curricula.

“To prepare professionals for the next generation of supply chains, AI perspective has to be integrated across all the courses we offer,” explains John Gradek, Faculty Lecturer and Academic Program Coordinator of the Supply Networks programs at the School of Continuing Studies. “We are looking at how AI impacts operations management, transportation, logistics, and data analytics. We have incorporated AI knowledge into our programs to provide our learners with the skills to understand and apply the full breadth and scope of AI-based solutions.”

A multidisciplinary approach

In addition to responding to the urgent needs of employers, the School of Continuing Studies is looking to prepare learners for a job market that increasingly requires multi-skilled professionals. The new 15-credit graduate certificate programs in supply networks, fintech, and data analysis are complementary: learners can choose to complete more than one program to gain additional expertise and obtain a competitive edge in the job market.

Elisa Schaeffer, D.Sc. (Tech.), Academic Director, Technology and Innovation domain, as well as Academic Program Coordinator of the new graduate certificates in Data-Driven Decision Making and Data Analysis for Complex Systems at the School of Continuing Studies, highlights the advantages of this approach: “Combining two or more certificates from different domains, or simply selecting complementary courses within a single program, to bridge competency areas allows learners to firmly plant themselves as top-notch professionals who can make concrete contributions to today’s multidisciplinary landscape.”

With the launch of these innovative graduate certificates, infused with AI perspectives, the School of Continuing Studies embraces the transformative potential of AI across many industries. As the world continues to evolve, these new programs foster the next generation of professionals ready to lead and innovate in an increasingly interconnected and AI-enhanced world.


For more information about the School of Continuing Studies new graduate certificate programs:

Graduate Certificate in Dynamic Supply Networks (Offered in Winter 2024)

Graduate Certificate in Integrated Supply Networks (Offered in Winter 2024)

Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology (Offered in Winter 2024)

Graduate Certificate in Data Analysis for Complex Systems (Offered in Fall 2024)

Graduate Certificate in Data-Driven Decision Making (Offered in Winter 2025)

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