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McGill SCS Graduate Certificate in Integrated Supply Networks


The Graduate Certificate in Integrated Supply Networks program has been designed to develop the specialized, strategic-level competencies that professionals need to succeed in the highly changing supply networks space in which technologies, automation and AI-based solutions are now integrated into supply chain logistics and processes.

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Type:   Graduate Certificate
Credits:   15
Schedule:   Full time or part time
Time: Weekday evenings
Delivery:   In person
Unit:  Management & Entrepreneurship
Questions?   info.conted [at]

Message From the Academic Program Coordinator

I have had the opportunity to examine the evolution of the McGill SCS Supply Chain Management program amid the COVID pandemic, an event without precedent in modern times and one that has profoundly impacted the way the world has viewed supply chains. Not a day goes by without industry leaders attempting to explain how their production or inventories have been impacted by supply chain disruption. This Supply Networks program is the fruit of an effort to design and deliver a learning experience that prepares learners for the challenges facing tomorrow’s managers and leaders. Executives are unanimous in identifying the lack of skilled supply network professionals as a major impediment to success. This program presents the concepts, tools, and best practices associated with emerging supply network thinking and builds learners’ confidence by enabling the competencies, skills, and methods needed for career success.

My professional experience has been an important element of this program’s redesign, an effort I shared with many supply network leaders and enlightened academics as we progressed the elaboration of the courses to be delivered therein. We have focused on supply networks as a next-generation evolution of supply chains, reflecting the complexity of global socio-economic-political concerns, the need for resilience and robustness in supply network design, and the imperative to reflect sustainable business practices throughout.

The McGill SCS Supply Networks program stands ready to present the evolving supply networks business model. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

John Gradek
Academic Program Coordinator

John Gradek

Key Features

The Graduate Certificate in Integrated Supply Networks provides professionals with the tools to help them elevate decision-making, boost profitability, and respond effectively to demand fluctuations, customer preferences, and competition.

The curriculum covers key topics, such as the evolution of the digital supply network landscape; design considerations for environmentally sound, socially responsible, and well-governed supply networks; dynamic modelling; sustainable material management; and strategies for the digital management of clients and services.

The program also offers participants the choice of complementary courses focusing on international logistics, Six Sigma management practices, and digital supply network transformation approaches.

Who Should Apply

This program is a good fit if you are:

  • A supply chain professional who seeks an understanding of the integrated nature of supply networks, while recognizing that working in such networks requires a new set of skills and competencies that will allow you to excel in both planning and executing the needed business practices in supply networks.
  • A professional who would like to undertake a career change in supply networks and who needs to acquire the core competencies and understanding of the work practices and technologies involved in managing integrated supply networks.

Learning Outcomes

This program is designed to enable you to:

  • Apply systems thinking approaches to complex integrated supply networks.
  • Understand stakeholder roles in integrated supply networks.
  • Analyze and evaluate complexity and interdependence in integrated supply networks.
  • Understand the concepts, methods, and principles used in integrated supply networks.
  • Assess the impact of technology, innovation, and culture on supply networks.
  • Design and execute production practices integrated within supply networks.
  • Develop integrated supply network risk mitigation strategies.
  • Apply principles of sustainability and corporate social responsibility within the design of integrated supply networks

Delivery Format and Schedule

The program will be delivered in person at the downtown campus of McGill University. Classes are generally scheduled during weekdays from 6 to 9 p.m. ET.

The program has been designed for in-person delivery, a process that provides a comprehensive and rewarding classroom experience, complimented by extensive interaction with faculty and practitioners in supply networks. The program is anchored in experiential learning, providing learners with the opportunity to work with peers and develop leadership skills. Intensive case studies and technical simulation activities round out the learning experience.

Graduate Certificate (Gr. Cert.) Integrated Supply Networks (15 Credits)

Admission Requirements
  1. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an approved university with a minimum CGPA of 3.0/4.0 or 3.2/4.0 in the last two years of full-time academic studies.

    * If your CGPA is lower than the above requirement, please submit the following for consideration with your application and official transcript.

    a) Letter of Intent: A letter, one to two pages in length, single-spaced, written in English or French, which addresses the following:

    • basis for interest in the program;
    • your knowledge that would be pertinent to the program;
    • your interest in the field of study and the reasons for applying to our program;
    • plans for integrating the training into your current or future career;
    • a description of your professional experience and its relevance, if applicable, to the program;
    • awards received or other contributions;
    • any additional information relevant to your application.

    b) Curriculum Vitae

    c) Two Letters of Reference: At least one should be from a current or former employer.

  2. In addition, applicants must have (a) successfully completed the McGill Graduate Certificate in Dynamic Supply Networks OR (b) have a minimum of two years of recent, relevant supply network work experience and include a letter of intent, curriculum vitae, and two reference letters with their application.
  3. Applicants must provide proof of English Language proficiency.

Career Spotlight

This program equips early and mid-career professionals with the competencies needed to successfully manage integrated supply networks within large corporations, private companies, small businesses, financial institutions, government agencies, or public institutions.

It provides learners with the competencies and skills required to enter the supply networks domain in a variety of roles such as distribution, logistics, inventory management, production planning, and strategy development.

The graduates of this program will be well positioned for roles, such as senior manager in supply network sustainability, head of global logistics, senior manager of supply network ESG, director of corporate procurement, director of integrated supply management, or head of supply network optimization.

Graduates of the program can further enhance their supply networks knowledge by completing the Graduate Certificate in Dynamic Supply Networks, a companion program designed to provide additional perspectives in operations planning as well as Environmental, Social, and Governance practices in tomorrow’s supply networks.

Videos and Webinars
Supply Networks

The Future of Supply Chain Management: Rethinking Global Supply Chain Models

COVID-19 brought entire economies to a halt, but supply chains continued to provide populations around the world with needed goods. Yet, the field of supply chain management has not been spared disruption. The pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in countless regional economies around the globe, especially those that depend heavily on the supply of raw materials or finished products from foreign economies like China.

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