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Charitable giving: the wealth factor

A study co-authored by Desautels Assistant Marketing Professor DaHee Han finds that there’s a big difference between the charitable giving habits of the wealthy and the less privileged.

Published on : 24 Mar 2017

Un truc ultrasimple pour voler de succès en succès au travail!

A key method for highly-successful people A new study by Desautels Assistant Professor Nathan Yang explores how to attain short-and long-term goals, using the database of mobile weight-loss app Lose It! to track user information and success rates.

Published on : 14 Mar 2017

Social value and content value in social media: Two paths to psychological well-being

Authors: Jiao, Y., Jo, M.S., Sarigollu, E. Publication: Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce  Abstract: 

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Published on : 10 Feb 2017

How good marketing can make social responsibility profitable

According to a new study in the Journal of Marketing, strong marketing can help a company maximize the benefits of social responsibility. The study’s authors, Desautels Associate Professor Saurabh Mishra and Sachin Modi from Iowa State University, analysed corporate social responsibility (CSR) actions across six categories: environment, products, diversity, corporate governance, employees and community.

Published on : 09 Feb 2017

Gene and environment interaction: Is the differential susceptibility hypothesis relevant for obesity?

Authors: Mollea, R.D., Fatemia, H., Dagherb, A., Levitanc, R.D., Silveirad, P.P., Dubé, L. Publication: Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews Abstract:

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Published on : 25 Jan 2017

2017 SSHRC Connection Grant

Congratulations to Professor Demetrios Vakratsas on receiving a 2017 SSHRC Connection Grant for his project entitled “Empirical & Theoretical Canadian Marketing Strategy Symposium: Marketing Analytics for Better Decisions”.

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Published on : 19 Jan 2017

Exploring pro-environmental behaviors of consumers: An analysis of contextual factors, attitude, and behaviors

Authors: Ertza, M., Karakasb, F., Sarigöllü, E.  Publication: Journal of Business Research Abstract:

Category :
Published on : 24 Oct 2016

Coping and Construal Level Matching Drives Health Message Effectiveness via Response Efficacy or Self-Efficacy Enhancement

Authors: Han, D., Duhachek, A., Agrawal, N.  Publication: Journal of Consumer Research  Abstract: 

Category :
Published on : 06 Oct 2016

Measuring the Efficiency of Category-Level Sales Response to Promotions

Authors: Trivedi, M., Gauri, D.K., Yu, M.  Publication: Management Science  Abstract: 

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Published on : 06 Oct 2016

Unobserved heterogeneity in dynamic games: Cannibalization and preemptive entry of hamburger chains in Canada

Authors: Igami, M., Yang, N. Publication: Quantitative Economics  Abstract: 

Category :
Published on : 08 Aug 2016

The evolution of an ICT platform-enabled ecosystem for poverty alleviation: The case of Ekutir

Authors: Jha, S.K., Pinsonneault, A., Dubé, L. Publications: MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems Abstract: 

Category :
Published on : 22 Jun 2016

Distinct threats, common remedies: How consumers cope with psychological threat

Authors: Han, D., Duhachek, A., and Rucker, D.D.   Publication: Journal of Consumer Psychology

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Published on : 30 Oct 2015

The Next Page: Richard Pagé: Updating his Professional Profile

Richard Pagé managed to stand out among his fellow alumni graduating from McGill’s School of Continuing Studies with the class of 2015. How did he do it? By posting the following update on LinkedIn: “Today is the day that I obtain my Graduate Certificate in Marketing from McGill University School of Continuing Studies.” Read more on The Next Page, the School of Continuing Studies' newsletter.

Published on : 15 Jul 2015