Emmanuelle Vaast

THE GLOBE AND MAIL | Business school research: what it takes to create a social media movement

Published: 21Mar2018

These questions are central to Montreal researcher Emmanuelle Vaast's newest study of social media, published in MIS Quarterly. Dr. Vaast, a professor of information systems at McGill University's...

The influence of social media

Published: 20Mar2018

The Globe and Mail recently featured the research of Desautels Professors Emmanuelle Vaast and Liette Lapointe that explored the power of social media to propel meaningful social movements....

Twitter use during the Gulf oil spill

Published: 18Jan2018

Social media has become a part of everyday life. We enjoy the contact Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., provide with friends and family, and, indeed, the world....

Emmanuelle Vaast awarded ISR Runner-up for Best Paper 2016

Published: 27Oct2017

Professor Emmanuelle Vaast's paper published in Information Systems Research, "Folding and Unfolding: Balancing Openness and Transparency in Open Source Communities," with Maha Shaikh has been...

Redéfinir son travail dans une entreprise dématérialisée

Published: 24Sep2012

Flexibilité, autonomie, mais aussi disponibilité et rentabilité sont les maîtres mots du bureau 2.0. Le bureau de la chercheuse Emmanuelle Vaast, au cinquième étage de la faculté de gestion...

Speaking as one, but not speaking up: Dealing with new moral taint in an occupational online community

Published: 25Mar2015

Authors: Emmanuelle Vaast and Natalia Levina Publication: Information and Organization, Volume 25, Issue 2, April 01, 2015 Abstract