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Ottawa must step up to save struggling airlines

Published: 13Jan2021

As Canadians receive their first injections of the COVID-19 vaccine, Canadian airlines also need a jab in the arm, says Professor Karl Moore....

Canadian philanthropic community will survive COVID-19

Published: 13Jan2021

Professor Karl Moore interviews Elizabeth Gomery, co-founder of Montreal-based philanthropic consultancy Philanthropica, about the path forward for the philanthropic community in a time of profound...

Choose your communication method carefully

Published: 13Jan2021

As a professor of strategy and organization, Professor Karl Moore spends a lot of time considering the most effective way to communicate in a given scenario. While he isn’t averse to sending a...

Telework is here to stay

Published: 12Jan2021

2020 marks the before and after of telework. According Professor Karl Moore, many C-suite leaders have recognized the need for greater workplace flexibility in their human resources strategy....

Women network harder for same outcomes

Published: 12Jan2021

Most job seekers rely on networking to land the next position, but women candidates take extra steps to identify workplaces that are inclusive and supportive. In tandem with a professor from...

Canadians flout travel warnings over holidays

Published: 12Jan2021

Health warnings from federal and provincial governments fell on deaf ears as planefuls of Canadians departed for Mexico, Cuba, and other destinations despite the surge of COVID-19 cases. According...

Michael Sabia appointed Federal Deputy Minister of Finance

Published: 10Dec2020

Prime Minister Trudeau appointed Canadian businessman Michael Sabia to the position of Deputy Minister of Finance....

Deliver criticism with praise

Published: 7Dec2020

Constructive criticism without praise can become destructive, writes Prof. Karl Moore in a recent blog post for Les Affaires. Prof. Moore reflects on the past 30 years of his career in industry and...

Thesis Defense Presentation: Amir Nosrat


Mr. Amir Nosrat, a doctoral student at McGill University in the Strategy & Organization area will be presenting his thesis defense entitled:/desautelsCategory: Desautels Faculty of Management


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