Delve: When Meritocracy Blinds us to Gender Discrimination

Published: 21Jan2020

Meritocracies are predicated on the belief that only the best are chosen and that hard work and talent are always rewarded. If we presume that talent and hard work are not gender specific, then why...

Delve: Romancing the User: Three Business Lessons from Digital Daters

Published: 13Jan2020

New research from Prof Jui Ramaprasad explores how gender, comfort, and impulsivity are key for that perfect chemistry.

Delve: When a Good Boss is Bad for Workers

Published: 16Dec2019

New research from Prof Patricia Hewlin explores how a boss’s integrity affects whether an employee is being true to her/his own identity, even when there’s a disconnect with the group’s values. If...

Delve partners with World Economic Forum

Published: 3Dec2019

Delve articles, videos, and podcasts now appear on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Strategic Intelligence Platform thanks to an agreement between the WEF and McGill University....

Delve: Pension Plans for an Evolving World

Published: 18Nov2019

Prof Sebastien Betermier explores the ways we can evolve from the old system of defined benefits pensions that will no longer meet the needs of tomorrow’s retirees....

Delve: How to Bring Planning to Your Startup Hiring Practice

Published: 11Nov2019

Prof Lisa Cohen on how startups can approach hiring to ensure long-term success....

Delve: Walking Away Rather Than Blowing the Whistle

Published: 6Nov2019

Prof Desmond Tsang finds that higher turnover rates among boards of directors points to the possibility of corporate fraud....

Delve: Can Club Stores Help Consumers Make Healthier Choices?

Published: 29Oct2019

New research from Prof Yu Ma suggests there are opportunities for marketers to encourage healthier shopping among warehouse store customers....

Delve: How to Keep Suppliers Honest—Instead of Allowing them Every Opportunity not to Be

Published: 23Oct2019

New research from Prof Mehmet Gumus explores the challenges that companies face when monitoring product quality in distant factories, and how choosing the right contract structure can incentivize...