Security warning: Spam with possible malicious attachment


Published: 21Mar2016

A series of fraudulent emails containing malware attachments have been reported that use a different variations of a subject related to an order/invoice, for example "Invoice <random set of numbers>", "Order Status #xxxxxxx" or "Notification from XXXX". A sample of one of the emails is shown below.

Please DO NOT open the attachment or reply to the message. Delete this email immediately! It does NOT come from a McGill source. 

The email attachments contain dangerous malware that will lock up the files on your computer and can spread to the network. If you have already opened the attachment, you should contact your IT Administrator immediately! If you don't know who your IT Administrator is, contact the IT Service Desk.

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Example of one of these phishing messages:

Dear Valued Client,

Please find your sales form below. If you need to remit payment, please do so at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your business - we appreciate it very much.