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Where Can I Access Healthcare?

There are many different ways to access physical and mental health care in the province of Quebec. 

Health Clinics

Student Wellness Hub:  For your convenience and safety, all of our services are available by appointment only. 

Any costs associated with medical acts or laboratory tests are billed directly to your McGill International Health Insurance plan or Canadian provincial health insurance plan, saving you the step of having to submit a claim or paying in advance.

CLSC:  Centre Local de Services Communautaires/Community Health and Social Services: They provide health and psychosocial services to their populations, and can connect you with resources available in your community. Find a CLSC.

Walk-in Clinics (off-campus):  These clinics accept drop-ins (without an appointment). You will be seen by a nurse, nurse practitioner, or doctor.  Walk-in clinics may require you to register in advance for a drop-in spot. Drop-in appointments may be affected by COVID-19.  Find a walk-in clinic.

Services by Phone

Emergencies:  Call 911

By phoning 9-1-1, you will be immediately connected with someone who can send help (emergency responders, an ambulance, police, or the fire department).  Available 24/7. 

Non-Urgent Health Concerns: Call 811

By phoning 8-1-1, you can speak to a nurse with Quebec’s Info-Santé service. The nurse can answer questions about your health. Not sure if you should go to a health clinic? Speaking to a nurse at Info-Santé can help you decide. Available for free, 24/7. Not in Quebec? Prefer Remote Services? Visit our telehealth page. 


If your condition is serious, you must go to the emergency room of a hospital or call 911. Find a hospital.

Crisis Centres and Community Resources

A number of resources exist in the community to support individuals in crisis, or who would like to reach out for help anytime of day or night. View a list of resources.

Dental Care

The McGill Student and Staff Dental Clinic is currently open and provides direct billing for most insurance companies. You can make an appointment by phone or email, or find a different dental practice list at studentcare.ca (available to students enrolled in the SSMU, PGSS, and MCSS dental insurance plans).

Vision Care

If you’re in need of an eye exam, you can search for optometrists near you, or search via the service provider network list at studentcare.ca (available to students enrolled in the SSMU, PGSS, and MCSS supplemental health insurance plans).


Visit your local pharmacy for healthcare products, over-the-counter medicines, prescription medications, or certain vaccines. 

New: Pharmacies can prescribe medication for common health problems where a medical diagnosis and prescription were issued in the past.  

Make sure to check your insurance coverage before buying to see what is reimbursable. 


Tips on Accessing Healthcare:

  1. Bring your health insurance card (and McGill ID card if accessing McGill services).
  2. Accessing Healthcare Outside of McGill:
    • Consider calling or emailing to find out what safety protocols are in place before you go for walk-in services or an appointment. 
    • International and Out-of-Province Students: Be prepared to pay cash up front. You may be partially reimbursed by your insurance provider or province after submitting a claim. “International fees” or “administrative charges” are not reimbursable.
    • Call medical clinics in advance to confirm if they are full.
    • Be prepared to wait. Wait times in many clinics can feel long!
  3. To see a medical specialist in Quebec (e.g. a dermatologist), you will need a referral from a primary care doctor. You can book an appointment at the Student Wellness Hub to get a referral.

Need Dental Care?

Dental care is available at the McGill Dental Clinic, which provides direct billing for most insurance companies. 

Need Sports Therapy?

You can make an appointment at the Sport Medicine clinic if you have an injury related to sports or recreational activity (and you don't need to be an athlete). 

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