Summer Institutes in Global Health Courses

The McGill Summer Institutes feature internationally known faculty, a focus on highly applicable new knowledge, and an opportunity to network with fellow global health professionals from around the world. The unique format of short, non-credit, professional development courses attracts a diverse group of participants, from industry leaders to NGO’s, academics and researchers, and advocacy group members.

Summary:  Started in 2015, the McGill Summer Institutes bring the research and clinical strengths of McGill University and the McGill University Health Centre - Research Institute to the world in a short course format.

Courses may be taken in-person or online depending on the course. Most course material will be recorded to accommodate asynchronous learners from all time zones. Summer Institutes organizers will also maximize opportunities for participants to interact with each other and our faculty. Select a course that challenges you in 2024!

The course page and the FAQ section are available to answer any questions you have.

For the complete 2024 course schedule and all dates, consult the website and PDF icon brochure

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