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Our 2022 Courses

Started in 2015, the McGill Summer Institute brings the research and clinical strengths of McGill University and the McGill University Health Centre-Research Institute to the world in a short course format. After six years we are thrilled to announce our evolution into the Summer Institutes in Global Health---expanding our offerings to other global health topics beyond infectious diseases.

Courses for 2022 are either offered in a hybrid (concurrent online and in-person) or online-only format. Course material will be recorded to accommodate asynchronous learners from all time zones. Summer Institute course faculty will also maximize opportunities for participants to interact with each other and our faculty.

Why should you attend the McGill Summer Institute?

  • Variety of short courses that are great for working professionals in the field, or students looking to supplement their curriculum
  • Internationally renowned faculty from McGill University and around the world
  • interations with diverse participants including industry leaders, NGO practitioners, academics, researchers, and advocates
  • A focus on highly applicable new knowledge

View by topic:

Woman looking in a light microscope sitting on a table.

Institute in Infectious Diseases and Global Health

Pair of hands cradling a white dove cut from paper.

Institute in Peace, Health and Sustainability with the Pegasus Institute

Young child sitting on a small trampoline in the middle of physical therapy office with other colorful rehabilitation equipment around the room.

Institute in Global Health Rehabilitation

hand stacking wooden blocks with various healtchare related symbols on them

Course on Health Systems Strengthening and Global Governance


View by week:

May & June 2022

Week 1 of the Summer Institutes showing the Peace through Health Course May 24-27Week 2 of the Summer Institutes with the       Decolonizing Humanitarian Action: Challenges and Dilemmas (May 30-June 3); Quality of TB Care (May 30-June 3); Advances in the Biology and Management of COVID-19 (May 30-June 1); Global Health Diagnostics (June 2-3)Week 3 of the Summer Institutes with the courses Environment and Human Health (June 6-10); Qualitative Methods in Global Infectious Diseases Research (June 6-10); TB Research Methods (June 6-10); Advanced TB Diagnostics (June 6-10); Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) (June 6-9); Strategies to End the HIV/AIDS (June 6-8)Week 4 of the Summer Institutes with the Global Considerations of Disability for Rehabilitation Providers (June 13-15); Health Systems Strengthening and Global Governance (June 13-17)

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