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Advocacy in Global Health

Crowd of people with one person extending their arms holding a sign that says We need a changeAdvocacy in Global Health: Translating evidence into action | May 26, 2023


Hybrid. Course will be live for both in-person and online attendees approximately 9:00am-12:00pm (Montreal time) on Friday, May 26th. Live content will be recorded.

Red word bubble with the word "Results" in itThis course is offered with Results Canada.



This session, through a combination of reflections, discussion, case studies, and interactive components, will educate participants about the role of advocacy in global health and the impact that everyday advocates can have on policy change and development. Instructors will describe the strategies and processes involved in building high-impact campaigns and equip participants with advocacy tactics and tools to engage and influence policymakers. At the end of this workshop, participants will have a stronger understanding of how to influence policy development in global health through effective advocacy, and to take high-impact actions to enact change in different settings.


Ekatha Ann John
Global Health Policy and Advocacy Manager, Results Canada

Leigh Raithby
Policy and Advocacy Officer, Results Canada and Stop TB Canada


  • Chris Dendys, Executive Director, Results Canada,
  • Rosemary Mburu, Executive Director, WACI Health, Kenya
  • Taryn Russell, Deputy Executive Director, Results Canada
  • Olabukunola Williams, Akina Mama Wa Afrika, Uganda
  • Laura Kelly, Communications Lead, Results Canada
  • Himanshu Patel, advocate, TBpeople Canada

Faculty are still being confirmed and there may be changes to the above list.


Advocacy is democracy in action – it can play a powerful role in influencing and shaping priorities and policies in global health. An effective advocacy campaign consists of several strategic components, that together, can effect change at national, regional, and international levels. In this session, participants will learn to identify opportunities for policy change in different contexts, and the tools to influence decision-making to bring about specific changes in global health. This will include an overview of advocacy, key components to build high-impact campaigns in different settings, working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders, ways to communicate effectively with target audiences, engaging parliamentarians and policymakers, and campaigning through digital advocacy. The session will include relevant experts from different country contexts sharing their experiences advocating for healthy lives and human dignity for everyone, everywhere.


  • To foster a nuanced understanding of advocacy, decision-making processes, and translating evidence-based knowledge into policy action in global health
  • To equip participants with the skills and knowledge to identify issues and relevant stakeholders in different country contexts and take meaningful and high impact advocacy actions to positively influence global health outcomes.
  • To explore and share different strategies, tactics, challenges and barriers to influence decision making in global health
  • To encourage participants to apply advocacy using an anti-oppression and equity lens to their areas of work


  • Public health graduate students and faculty with an interest in global health advocacy
  • Students interested in understanding how to translate knowledge into policy action
  • Health Practitioners
  • Social and health decision-makers, administrators and policy advisors
  • Community advocates and civil society


In-person maximum 60 participants

Online maximum 100 participants


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