SP0255: Climate & Sustainability Strategy Renderings

Status: COMPLETED July 2020 - December 2020

The production of 10 conceptual renderings that will imagine and visualize the future of sustainability on campus.

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Downtown, Macdonald


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The Climate & Sustainability Strategy 2020-2025 will highlight several ambitious and innovative projects that McGill is set to carry out in the next 5 years. To exemplify these projects, we would like to feature conceptual rendering pieces in the strategy. The goal being to provide the reader with a glimpse of what a sustainable future at McGill could look like. This project is an Office of Sustainability and School of Architecture collaboration.

Conceptual renderings serve to express ideas even when the engineering and structural analysis have not begun. Conceptual renderings combine photo-realism and graphic design techniques to produce a projection of what a space could look like. These design elements do not focus on engineering technicalities, but are simply visual representation of what sustainability at McGill could look like.

The conceptual renderings will be used in McGill's 2020-2025 Climate & Sustainability Strategy to communicate, through visual means, how our campus will evovle as we move into the future.

The conceptual renderings will exemplify the following projects:

• McGill zero-waste zones (interior/exterior); two images total
• Urban agriculture and roof top gardens; two images total
• Water retention Burnside; one image total
• A view of McGill in 2040 downtown (bike center, green walls, artwork) & Mac Campus rendering (Eco-parking); four to five images total

Beyond inclusion in the Climate & Sustainability Strategy 2020-2025, these conceptual renderings will also be used to promote a culture of sustainability across campus and inspire the McGill community to work towards a more sustainable future.

To complete the renderings, the Office of Sustainability is requesting funds from the SPF to hire two Rendering Interns with architecture and design experience to complete the design of the ten images (five images each). The purpose of having two separate interns working on the renderings is to be able to have two different design styles and approaches. The work is slated to take place over the course of July and August.

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An image of the downtown campus outside the Redpath museum with solar panels and coloured asphalt. View of the roof of the McIntyre Medical building with urban garden beds.

The Three Bares statue surrounded by a water retention zone in the rain. Mac campus with a wind turbine in the background and a bicycle path









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