SP0121: Permaculture Classes

Status: COMPLETED January 2013 - May 2014

The 'Permaculture Classes' project implemented a new curriculum surrounding the practice of purmaculture at McGill's Macdonald Campus. The classes consisted of 8 sessions, held on alternate Saturdays from January to April 201, during which student were introduced to the permaculture principles and applications, and discovered the growing movement of permaculture projects already happening in Montréal.


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Permaculture is the intersection of science, art and ancestral wisdom concerned with the design of self-perpetuating and regenerative systems that are useful to the biosphere. Its methodology may be applied to any dynamic system - for agriculture, water management, energy, housing, finance, governance etc. - but always focuses on a harmonious integration with the natural surroundings by mimicking the patterns and relationships inherent in nature. All this makes permaculture the ideal discipline to introduce a wider audience for cultivating an ecological awareness and empowering students with practical tools to enhance sustainability.

We are experiencing an incredible growth of permaculture-related movements in and around Montréal, particularly with regards to agriculture, social community actions, and cooperative work. The McGill Permaculture Classes program, working hand-in-hand with the experience and knowledge of other local leaders,  creates a community permaculture garden on the Macdonald Campus of McGill University.

On alternate Saturdays during the Winter 2014 semester, 8 permaculture classes will be given by Steaphanus Rossouw and other guest speakers. They will also feature involvement from various aspects of the MSEG. The educational value of this garden as well as the creation of a local food source for students will strongly enhance the impact of this project in terms of sustainability.

Resources from the SPF are being used to pay for guest speakers to lecture during the sessions, as well as provide for any furniture and raw materials that may be needed for those who choose to attend. This allows the classes to be given free of charge.

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