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SPF: Food

Bellairs Research Institute Greenhouse (SP0145)

Status: ONGOING Summer 2015 - present

The Bellairs Research Institute Greenhouse project involves the construction of a sustainable tropical greenhouse at McGill’s Barbadian Campus. This greenhouse will be used to produce fruits, vegetables and other native edible plants for use in food production at the Institute.


Sustainability and Waste Education (SP0137)

Status: ONGOING Jan 2015 - current

The “Sustainability & Waste Education Campaign” organizes McGill students to work as educators across all McGill Residence cafeterias. It implements organic waste collection programs in all of the MORE houses, and focuses on building the culture of composting at McGill, making the issue of waste management more relevant to all students at McGill.

Permaculture Classes (SP0121)

Status: ONGOING January 2013 - current

The 'Permaculture Classes' project implemented a new curriculum surrounding the practice of purmaculture at McGill's Macdonald Campus. The classes consisted of 8 sessions, held on alternate Saturdays from January to April 201, during which student were introduced to the permaculture principles and applications, and discovered the growing movement of permaculture projects already happening in Montréal.

Out of the Garden 3 (SP0122)

Status: ONGOING January 2013 - current

The 'Out-of-the-Garden Project' (OGP) originally established a student-run café on Macdonald Campus which serves breakfast and lunch once a week with ingredients sourced locally from McGill student farming projects. With their third round of funding, the OGP purchased ingredients and kitchen supplies that allowed them to double their production and offer their meals twice a week in the Winter 2014 semester.

Farm to School (SP0100)

Status: ONGOING Summer 2013 - Current

MacDonald Campus' 'Farm-to-School' project is a fun and innovative programme that teaches schoolchildren to value and appreciate the food they eat as they learn, hands-on, about its production from seed to table. The project is a co-operative educational venture between McGill University students and the children of Joseph-Henricot elementary school of Baie-d'Urfé.

Plate Club (SP0129)

Status: ONGOING February 2014 - current

The Plate Club is a service on campus that offers the free use of quality reusable dishware and utensils in place of disposable, typically paper or Styrofoam, items. The Plate Club offers their inventory to members of the McGill community in the SSMU cafeteria, and to groups holding events; their ultimate goal being to reduce waste while promoting sustainability and awareness on campus.

MSEG Druids (SP0135)

Status: ONGOING May 2014 - current

MacDonald Campus Druids is a project which expands the capacity of MSEG's (MacDonald's Student-run Ecological Garden) fields to grow spices and herbs for production of a variety of retail plants and food products. Locally grown, pre-packaged dry spices/herbs, teas, and the plants used to make them will be available to buy in bulk at campus markets, along with a booklet and workshops that educate the student community on their properties and medicinal uses.

Thompson House Community Garden (SP0136)

Status: COMPLETED March 2015

'Thomson House Community Garden' is a project which expands the existing garden bed infrastructure of Thomson House grounds with the addition of a community container garden, furthering the mandate of the PGSS Sustainability Action Plan and Environment Committee. Several summer and fall workshops will share resources and teach the skills needed for success in small-scale urban agriculture.