Major power outage on downtown campus

Updated: Wed, 2014-04-16 09:29

A major power failure today, April 16th, is affecting a large section of the downtown campus. We expect power to be restored by 10:30 a.m. 

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SPF: Food

Permaculture Classes (SP0121)

Status: Ongoing December 2013 - Present

Our vision is to implement a permaculture curriculum - including theoretical classes and practical design application.

Out of the Garden 3 (SP0122)

Status: Ongoing December 2013 - Present

The Out of the Garden Project is a student directed café at the Macdonald Campus of McGill.

The café is a place on campus where members of the Mac community can go to enjoy healthy and affordable food.

B-Shack (SP0120)

Status: Ongoing May 2013 - Present

B-shack is an outreach, education and research hub anchored with a pavilion at the Macdonald Farm designed, fabricated and assembled by a diverse group of students to creatively engage the extended McGill community and the citizens of Montreal in addressing the imminent threat to the world food supply by honeybee colony collapse disorder (CCD).

MSEG Barrel Root Washer (SP0118)

Status: Ongoing October 2013 - Present

Justice alimentaire Montréal (SP0112)

Status: Ongoing June 2013 - Present

The JAM (Justice Alimentaire pour Montreal) is a grassroots initiative working to meet this challenge of community building.

MacDonald Campus Composting System (SP0111)

Status: Ongoing July 2013 - Present

Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue has accepted to collect and process compost from Macdonald Campus and John Abbott College from August 2013 until March 2016.

Currently, composting at Macdonald campus is accomplished by various parties and lacks solid infrastructure.

The city’s offer will allow us to replace the existing system - one which relies heavily on student volunteers, and depends on their interest and dedication.

Campus Crops 4 (SP0108)

Status: Ongoing June 2013

Campus Crops is a student-run urban gardening collective on the downtown McGill campus.

Farm to School (SP0100)

Status: COMPLETED Summer 2013

The farm to school project seeks to re-establish the link between the food students eat and where it comes from through the medium of hands-on constructive education.

English Video:

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McGill Feeding McGill 4 (SP0099)

Status: COMPLETED March 2013 - Fall 2014

The objective of the project is to provide locally grown fruits and vegetables from the Macdonald Campus’s Horticultural Center to McGill’s downtown residences and the general student community.

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Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Gardens 4 (SP0094)

Status: ONGOING May 2013 - present

Continuing from Macdonald Student-run Ecological Gardens 3 (SP0071)

 At the Macdonald campus of McGill University, a student-led initiative is bringing forth ecological agriculture into its food system, curriculums, internship opportunities and social sphere.