SP0019: SSMU Sustainability Coordinator Research Position

Status: COMPLETED Spring 2011

This research project explores how SSMU can better support a culture of sustainability at McGill.  Arielle Jaffe, U3 Management student, will carry out this research in the winter 2011 semester. The first outcome will be a website of sustainability resources to launch by mid-term.  The website will include information, contacts, and past projects as well as a forum to ask sustainability questions to other students.Final outcomes will include a set of recommendations (e.g., stakeholder relationships to strengthen, areas of potential collaboration, strategies for institutionalization) and a plan to present to SSMU council and then act on.

For further information conerning this project, or to get in touch with its members, please contact the krista.houser [at] mcgill.ca (SPF Administration Team).

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