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SPF: Academics

Anti-Oppression Programme (SP0126)

Status: COMPLETED February 2013 - April 2015

The ‘Anti-Oppression Programme’ Project sought to establish a new dialogue and standards for acceptable practices of social, human and institutional sustainability in issues that new students at McGill Residences face such as race, religion, culture, mental health and coping. The programme, which was led by coordinator Emily Yee Clare, developed workshops and resources for students and staff in Residences and within the McGill Community.

Linking Action and Research on Sustainability (LARS) (SP0127)

Status: COMPLETED March 2014 - April 2015

'Linking Action and Research on Sustainability' (LARS) is a new science communication initiative which aims to provide visibility for McGill scholars working on positive contributions/solutions to sustainability related problems. The goal is to help McGill scholars to engage in outreach and share their work with a broader audience, through brown bag lunch events, videos, blog posts, and workshops, with a focus on social media and online promotion.

McGill Feeding McGill 4 (SP0099)

Status: COMPLETED Summer 2013

The mandate of McGill Feeding McGill is to provide locally grown fruits and vegetables from the Macdonald Campus’s Horticultural Research Center to McGill University’s Food and Dining services operated residences and the general student community.

McGill Energy Project 2 (SP0095)

Status: COMPLETED Fall 2013

The McGill Energy Project’s objective is to help drive McGill’s energy system towards a more sustainable future through a process that leaves its participants with the tools needed to affect change in energy systems at large. They had great success in the first 18 months of operation, and the McGill Energy Project 2 SPF project provided the funding to have Marc-Etienne Brunet carry out demanding administrative tasks over the course of the summer.

Sustainability Symposium 3 (SP0092)

Status: COMPLETED Spring 2013


The 2013 edition of the McGill Sustainability Symposium, "Adapting to a Changing Climate", took place on March 14th. It featured guest speakers, a poster session, presentations of student work, and a "world-cafe" round table discussion.

Gault Electric ATV 2 (SP0075)

Status: COMPLETED May 2012

The opportunity for this project arose when the McGill Gault Nature Reserve (GNR) in Mont-Saint-Hilaire proposed a mechanical engineering project (MECH 463). The mission is to help them reduce their carbon footprint by providing them with a less environmentally-harmful electric ATV to perform their every day maintenance tasks.