Eating Insects: Educating the market to get global buy-in


Published: 2Oct2013

Insects are not something you are likely to find on the menu in Canada, but the United Nations suggests they should be.

Published September 27 2013 | Globe and Mail

In fact, they're eaten in other parts of the world and some Canadian business people are creating products to meet demand and be a global resource for what they feel is the food of the future.

And there are a few Canadian business people, including Jakub Dzamba, who couldn’t agree more. Mr. Dzamba, a doctoral candidate in architecture at McGill University and owner of the company, Third Millenium Farming, is bringing to market a cricket farm that can be used to raise these insects organically. Mr. Dzamba sees his invention as a solution for a large-scale global issue of food security. He and a group that includes Canadian business and academics are educating the public throughout North America and Western Europe to get them beyond a cultural resistance and show investors the larger opportunity: crickets as part of the food industry.

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