Accessibility is not Universal


Published: 25Sep2013
McGill Daily | Visual by Carmen Fenech

How McGill perpetuates ableism.

Published on September 23 | McGill Daily
Written by Ralph Haddad

We rush up the stairs of the Morrice Hall, or run up the hill to the Education building, late for our next class.We run down more stairs to catch the metro; we walk through the barriers at the entrance of a supermarket so we can grocery shop, and stand on the never-ending escalators at the Cineplex, anticipating our upcoming movie experience.

Most do these things without a second thought, but these are the people who don’t happen to be in need of a wheelchair, crutches, canes, walkers, and the like. The fact is, physical mobility is a privilege most people take for granted. This is ableism; an often indirect or insidious discrimination in favour of the able-bodied, and it is at the very basis of our society.

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