Sustainability Student Groups

McGill has an extensive network of student and community groups working on all aspects of sustainability. Use the list below, categorized by area of interest, to connect with a group on campus: 

McGill Net Positive: a living place for sustainability presents its opening speaker


Join John Robinson (Associate Provost, Sustainability at UBC) in a conversation about The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability and Next Generation Sustainability at University of...

McGill’s quest to become a sustainable campus

Published: 21Nov2013

A look into Vision 2020 Published November 18 2013 | McGill DailyWritten by Juliana Hayden | Visual by Khoa Doan On the evening of November 14, staff and students gathered in the McGill...

Accessibility is not Universal

Published: 25Sep2013

How McGill perpetuates ableism. Published on September 23 | McGill DailyWritten by Ralph Haddad

A green makeover for Canada's colleges

Published: 9Sep2013

Meals using campus grown food at McGill University or Bikechain, a student-run DIY repair shop at University of Toronto are some of the initiatives you will witness if you take a stroll on some...

Urbaniste en herbe sur Internet

Published: 7Sep2013

Les outils des urbanistes sont désormais à la portée des Montréalais qui désirent repenser les lignes de leur métropole, et ce, gratuitement. Published on August 20, 2013 | Journal de...

ASHRAE Journal

Published: 7Sep2013

Published August 2013 Shaping the Next Design contrains at Montreal's Mount Royal McGill University's McIntyre Pavillion, a cutting-edge medical research and teaching facility, led to...

Public talks by David Constable and Lynn Leger


The Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management (MDIIM), in collaboration with the McGill Department of Chemistry, is pleased to invite you to two public lectures taking place next Friday,...

Disabled Strive for Open Doors to Accessibility

Published: 6Sep2013

Published on August 15, 2013 | GazetteWritten by Chris Hanna


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