A green makeover for Canada's colleges


Published: 9Sep2013

Meals using campus grown food at McGill University or Bikechain, a student-run DIY repair shop at University of Toronto are some of the initiatives you will witness if you take a stroll on some Canadian campuses.


Published September 09, 2013 | New Indian Express
Written by Shilpa Vasudevan

Sustainability has become the watch word for Canadian colleges and proof of the same is in the multitude of activities these campuses have come up with.

Sustainability is a top priority for McGill, one of Canada’s leading universities, says Julia Solomon, a university representative. McGill’ ideas towards sustainability has mostly come forward from students, adds Solomon. McGill’s Sustainability Projects Fund is a joint effort put together by passionate students and enthusiastic senior staff members, with both sets being able to convince their peers. Students pay $0.50/credit, which is matched dollar-for-dollar by the McGill administration. This results in a pot of about $8,40,000 per year, which is available for anyone in the McGill community to apply to if they have an idea for a project that will help sustainability at McGill.

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