Office of Sponsored Research (OSR): Roles and Responsibilities


Grants & Agreements

Natural Sciences & Engineering (NSE)

Biomedical & Health Sciences (BHS)

Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH)

  • Identifies & promotes funding opportunities
  • Offers info sessions, grantsmanship, application guides for major competitions and various research funding options
  • Advises on rules, regulations and submission procedures for sponsored applications
  • Assists with proposal development and review, bid applications
  • Approves applications on behalf of McGill/provides institutional signature
  • Oversees grant management processes for internal research programs
  • Liaises with funding sources and partners
  • Communicates results of competitions
  • Most often the first point of contact for Principal Investigators (PIs) seeking support with research funding
  • Negotiates project-related collaborative agreements, MOUs, and other agreements (NDA/CDA, MTA) related to research
  • Drafts, negotiates and executes research contracts
  • Monitors requirements for export control and protected/classified information as related to research projects
  • Promotes and support nominations for prestigious prizes, awards and public recognition memberships

Administration & Awards Management

  • Delineates award parameters, summarizes administrative & financial Terms & Conditions for grants & contracts
  • Authorizes new Fund creation and any changes to Fund parameters
  • Advises PIs, department and central staff on terms of awards and Sponsor policies/requirements
  • Ensures required ethical certificates are obtained and monitors their status throughout project period
  • Assists with post-award management matters, i.e. changes to award parameters
  • Monitors, and addresses as needed, change in PI status: leaves of any kind, retirement and departure, re-appointment as adjunct
  • Issues subgrant agreements
  • Link between OSR, RFMS, PIs & research team, and department staff
  • Offers training on research administration via multiple venues
  • Maintains InfoEd institutional research database
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Responsible for internal and external data reporting and statistics


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