What is the MILAMOS Project?

Launched in May 2016, the Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space (MILAMOS) Project aims to develop a widely-accepted manual clarifying the fundamental rules applicable to the military use of outer space in time of peace, including challenges to peace.

Such a manual will clarify the limitations international law places on the threat or use of force in outer space. It aims to look at how, against the backdrop of rapidly developing technologies and applications, what uses and objects are considered lawful or outrightly prohibited in peacetime.

It is our firm belief that this unique and innovative project will have a positive impact and influence on the future and sustainability of humankind’s ventures in outer space. This website is a platform for researchers, experts, the general public and other interested parties to learn more about this ambitious project.

Why is the MILAMOS Project important?

From the provision of cellular phone signals to navigation, from banking to weather forecasting, disaster monitoring and agriculture, space technology and the utilisation of space-generated data have become intertwined with our daily lives. Devastating consequences would follow if access to outer space were to be interrupted or interfered with. This is a major concern for all States and the civilian population during peacetime, and has been underliend as an even greater catastrophe if conflict were to break out in outer space or involve the destruction of space assets.

Many international efforts have been directed towards preventing an arms race in outer space and establishing transparency and confidence among States in the conduct of their space activities. Unfortunately, none of these efforts has addressed the issue of belligerent behaviour during hostilities and the difficult question of when and under what circumstances it is lawful for nations to resort to hostilities in or through space.

Against this backdrop, the McGill Centre for Research in Air and Space Law (CRASL), with the support of various Partner and Collaborating Institutions, and a dedicated team of subject-matter experts recognised the need for the development of a Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space (MILAMOS).

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Our mission

To develop, within a period of three years, a manual that objectively articulates and clarifies existing international law applicable to military uses of outer space in time of peace, including challenges to peace.

Our vision

To contribute to a future where all space activities are conducted in accordance with the international rules-based global order, without disrupting, and preferably contributing to, the sustainable use of outer space for the benefit of present and future generations of all humanity.

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