Below, you will find the dates of activities related to MILAMOS Project. Please note that the MILAMOS Workshops are only open to the Group of Experts and invited State Observers.


October 2019:             MILAMOS Workshop VIII, Montreal, Canada

May 2019:                    MILAMOS Workshop VII, Berlin, Germany


29 April-2 May 2019:            Editorial Committee I, Montreal, Canada

18-23 February  2019:           MILAMOS Workshop VI, Montreal, Canada

October 2018:             MILAMOS Workshop V, Beijing, People's Republic of China

10-14 July 2018:          MILAMOS Workshop IV, Montreal, Canada

9-13 October 2017:      MILAMOS Workshop III, Colorado Springs, United States of America

20-23 June 2017:          MILAMOS Project Workshop II, New Dehli, India

20-23 February 2017:    MILAMOS Workshop I, Adelaide, Australia

3-5 October 2016:         Inaugural Plenary of the MILAMOS Project, Montreal, Canada.

27-28 MAY 2016: 4th Manfred Lachs International Conference on Conflicts in Space and the Rule of Law, Montreal, Canada

30 MAY-3 June 2016: 3rd McGill-University of Adelaide Strategic Space Law Course, Montreal, Canada.

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