Below, you will find the dates of activities related to MILAMOS Project. Please note that the MILAMOS Workshops are only open to the Group of Experts and invited State Observers.


19-23 February 2017:  MILAMOS Workshop IV, Montreal, Canada

9-13 October 2017:      MILAMOS Workshop III, Colorado Springs, United States of America

20-23 June 2017:          MILAMOS Project Workshop II (New Dehli, India

5-9 June 2017:              4th McGill-Adelaide Strategic Space Law Course (Adelaide, Australia)

20-23 February 2017:    MILAMOS Workshop I, Adelaide, Australia

3-5 October 2016:         Inaugural Plenary of the MILAMOS Project (Montreal, Canada).

27-28 MAY 2016: 4th Manfred Lachs International Conference on Conflicts in Space and the Rule of Law, Montreal, Canada

30 MAY-3 June 2016: 3rd McGill-University of Adelaide Strategic Space Law Course, Montreal, Canada.