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Guidelines for Research Conducted at More than One RSSS Site:



The IRB offers training and ethics education for small groups and individuals within the Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences and Dentistry.   Please contact ilde.lepore [at] (Ilde Lepore )for additional information.

Online tutorials

***Mandatory human research ethics training*** :  All McGill University students (undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral), faculty and staff engaging in human subjects research must complete human research ethics training prior to submitting an application for ethics review.  This requirement can be fulfilled by completing the Tri-Council Policy Statement 2 (TCPS2) Course on Research Ethics (CORE).  To complete the online CORE tutorial click the TCPS2 link below and create an account selecting McGill as your institution and using your McGill email address.  If you are new to McGill and have already completed the CORE tutorial with another institution, you can change your profile information to McGill University by logging onto the tutorial and modifying your Account Details to revise your affiliation and email address.  Completion can then be verified online by the IRB. You will also be able to print a certificate of completion for your records. The tutorial is available in English and French.   

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