Re-admission and Transfers


Students wishing to return to the University after an absence of part of an academic year or more must submit an electronic readmission application and provide official transcripts for any courses taken during that period. Requests must be submitted by August 15 for readmission in September, and by December 15 for readmission in January. The on-line application will be available for fall term requests as of March 1st through the "Student Records Menu" once you have logged into Minerva.

If your most recent standing was Unsatisfactory as indicated on Minerva, make sure that you provide proof of any extenuating circumstances that may have affected your academic performance (e.g. medical or other documentation) along with a personal explanation.

If you have been in Unsatisfactory Standing more than once, you must also apply to the Committee on Academic Standing and provide all necessary documents with that application.

Readmission to Dietetics is subject to French Proficiency requirement and current GPA. See information further below under Dietetics section.


IMPORTANT: Canadian non-Quebec resident students approved to transfer to another degree for fall 2024 will be subject to the new Canadian rate of tuition and will not be eligible for the Canada Award. For questions concerning the new fee rate please contact Service Point.

Minimum requirements

Transfer applicants must have completed Calculus 1 for science along with at least 2 other basic science courses (biology, chemistry, and physics) to be considered for admission in a program in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences excluding Dietetics. The remaining basic science courses will have to be completed based on the program requirements.

Any transfer or readmission to a program in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences requires that a student be in Satisfactory standing. For the Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Food Science, concurrent Food Science/Nutritional Sciences and Bioresource Engineering degrees, a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.7 is required.

B.Sc.(Nutritional Sciences)

Nutrition Program

For the Nutritional Sciences degree major in Nutrition a minimum CGPA of 3.0 is required.

Dietetics Program

Entry into the Dietetics program is competitive. Stage placements are a mandatory part of the program and as we must ensure that placements are available for all eligible students, the availability of stage placements limits the number of students admitted into the Dietetics program.

Students applying to transfer to the Dietetics program should have at least a 3.3 CGPA in a science program to be considered for admission.  This CGPA is a minimum and it is quite likely that the final cutoff will be higher.

The following describes the process and priorities used in evaluating transfer applications:*

  • Students are ranked by CGPA
  • All previous university education may be taken into consideration
  • Science R Scores (for Quebec students) may be taken into consideration
  • Applicants should have been carrying a full course load (at least 12 credits) for each term.  Students taking the required Nutrition courses or core science courses will be given priority.
  • Students who have completed all entrance science pre-requisites will be given priority for transfer.
  • Students cannot participate in the first stage component of the program (NUTR 208 in the first term of U1) unless all of their prerequisite courses are completed beforehand. Students missing entrance pre-requisites would need to do an additional year (4.5 years instead of 3.5 years).

The Dietetics Major (undergraduate program) takes 3.5 years to complete from the time of admission or transfer, due to the sequencing of the Stages. In other words, even if you have already taken some the required courses for the Dietetics Major, it will still be a 3.5 year program from the time you take the first Stage course, NUTR 208. For this reason, students who have already completed many required courses for the program may find it useful to consider completing their Bachelor degree in the Nutrition Major, and then applying for the MSc Applied with Credentialling option at the Graduate level as an alternate route to become a registered dietitian.

French Proficiency Requirement as of Fall 2022 for all applicants. For details see:

Important to Note:

  • The CGPA cutoff for September 2022 was 3.60. For September 2023, it was 3.31.
  • Letters of explanation and support will not be taken into consideration
  • Students with a CGPA below a 3.3 will not be considered.
  • GPA cut offs are determined from year to year and are based on the number of places available.


Inter-Faculty Transfer

If you are currently registered in a degree program and wish to transfer into the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, you must submit an electronic Inter-Faculty transfer application. Requests must be submitted by June 1st for the fall term and by December 1st for the winter term.

Note- for Dietetics: No Inter-Faculty transfers will be accepted for the winter term. The on-line application will be available for fall term requests as of April 1st through the "Student Records Menu" once you have logged into Minerva. Deadline: June 1st (Late applications will not be accepted for Dietetics)

Intra-Faculty Transfer

If you are currently registered in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and wish to change programs within the Faculty, you must complete and submit a Program Change Form and send it to the Faculty Advisor (saoadvisor.macdonald [at]


Fall term: to change programs in the fall term applications must be submitted by the Fall add/drop deadline (June 1st for Dietetics program)

Winter term: to change programs in the winter term, applications must be submitted by the Winter add/drop deadline (not admissible to Dietetics)

Applications are evaluated based on admission eligibility requirements and CGPA.

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