Clubs and Activities



Participation in student clubs at Macdonald is a great way for students to meet others who share their interests. Both the Macdonald Campus Students' Society and Macdonald Campus Graduate Students' Society are active, organizing academic and social activities. Based on the downtown campus, the Students' Society of McGill University offers services and has clubs in which students on both campuses can participate.

The Macdonald Campus Graduate Students’ Society (MCGSS) represents the graduate students on McGill’s Macdonald campus. The MCGSS is a branch of the PGSS, the McGill Post-Graduate Students’ Society, which represents all graduate students at McGill. The goal of the MCGSS is to foster a positive and enjoyable graduate life at Macdonald Campus.”

Macdonald alumni are active participants in campus activities. Alumni events, such as Homecoming, are organized through the Macdonald University Advancement Office. The Macdonald Branch of the McGill Alumni Association also participate in many events.


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