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Macdonald Campus Medical Notes

Guidelines on Medical Notes and Accommodation for in-course assignments, tests or exams and course outlines

For Students taking courses on the Macdonald Campus,

  • At no time are you required to divulge specifics around your illness to your course instructor(s).

  • Undergraduate students taking courses on the Macdonald Campus who are seeking medical accommodation for tests/assignments/exams, must submit a request to the Student Affairs Office (Laird Hall - Room 106), rather than to individual instructors.

  • You are asked to bring your medical documentation to SAO and will be required to complete a form that lists the course and tests/assignments for which you are seeking accommodation and some other details related to the course.

  • A team at SAO will review your documentation, and will inform you and the relevant instructor(s) by email, of our decision within two working days.

  • Once you have received this decision over email, it is then your responsibility to discuss accommodation arrangements with your instructor(s). The final decision about the type of accommodation is made by the course instructor, in consultation with you. These accommodations may include, but are not limited to, handing in an assignment late, reweighting of other assignments, or perhaps a make-up test.

  • Please note that if you are taking a course at McGill anywhere other than on the Macdonald Campus, and are seeking accommodation in that course, you will need to follow the process relevant to the Faculty that oversees the course.

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