Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

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Dear Macdonald Undergraduate Students,

The Macdonald Campus Student Affairs Office is operational.   We are processing ID cards by appointment.  Please email meline.chatoyan [at] for an appointment.  Any other enquiries can be submitted to studentinfo.macdonald [at]

Adjusted Academic Measures

The S/U option is available to all students registered in programs at the Macdonald Campus; please take note:

  •  Students are encouraged to wait for their final grades to be available before requesting the S/U option given that the deadline is May 22.
  • Students are cautioned that choosing the S/U option could have implications for students who seek to apply for:
  1. transfer to other programs at McGill or elsewhere, including Dietetics Major;
  2.  course equivalencies in other programs and/or at other universities;
  3. external scholarship opportunities.

Exceptions or advisories on the use of the S/U option will be communicated by email to students in those particular programs. For more information, please see Adjusted Academic Measures for Winter 2020.

You may always contact us by email:
Undergraduate students - studentinfo.macdonald [at];  Graduate students - gradstudies.macdonald [at]

The information on the following pages pertains to undergrads registered at Macdonald.

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