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Dear Macdonald Undergraduate Students,

The Macdonald Campus Student Affairs Office is operational, but currently closed to the public. Phone messages are checked twice weekly. If you need to reach us, please send an email to studentinfo.macdonald [at] We are currently issuing ID cards by appointment only; click here to request an appointment.

Adjusted Academic Measures

The S/U option is available to all students registered in programs at the Macdonald Campus; please take note:

  • ¬†Students are encouraged to wait for their final grades to be available before requesting the S/U option given that the deadline is May 22.
  • Students are cautioned that choosing the S/U option could have implications for students who seek to apply for:
  1. transfer to other programs at McGill or elsewhere, including Dietetics Major;
  2.  course equivalencies in other programs and/or at other universities;
  3. external scholarship opportunities.

Exceptions or advisories on the use of the S/U option will be communicated by email to students in those particular programs. For more information, please see Adjusted Academic Measures for Winter 2020.

You may always contact us by email:
Undergraduate students - studentinfo.macdonald [at];  Graduate students - gradstudies.macdonald [at]

The information on the following pages pertains to undergrads registered at Macdonald.

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