Harriet V. Kuhnlein receives INUS Living Legend Award

Congratulations to Dr.

Published: 23 Mar 2023

How to save money at the grocery store without sacrificing nutrition

Food experts [including Prof. Daiva Nielsen (SHN)] have said that eating healthy is top of mind for Canadians, but how do you do that while saving money? Dietitians have suggestions for people trying to find the cheapest sources of nutrition, especially in the winter when the freshest produce is imported – and expensive.

Published: 23 Mar 2023

Fresh produce contaminated with toxic BPA-like chemicals found in food labels, study finds

Steps were taken in Canada to reduce the use of Bisphenol A (BPA), a toxic chemical linked to prostate and breast cancer, commonly found in plastics, the lining of food cans, water bottles, and paper receipts. But in many cases, it has been replaced with similar hormone disrupting chemicals, like Bisphenol S (BPS).

Published: 23 Mar 2023

Can Millets help pave the way to a sustainable future?

The United Nations has designated 2023 as the International Year of Millets as part of goals to end hunger, increase climate change action and develop a balance between sustainable consumption and production.

Millets for Sustainability

Unlike rice, millets require 70 percent less water to grow, according to a study published by India's Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology in October.

Published: 27 Feb 2023

Taco Belles place second in the Maple Innovation Challenge

Congrats to Taco Belles Veronica Jaramillo and Priscilla Leftakis for their second-place finish in the Maple Innovation Challenge. The competition was sponsored by Quebec maple syrup producers, the Maple Products Corporation and the Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology (CIFST). Their product? A maple vegan hot chocolate mix.

Published: 16 Feb 2023

Exploring nutrition through a high-tech lens

McGill’s Clinical Nutrition Research Unit, a key part of the School of Human Nutrition at Macdonald Campus, has a new home and vastly improved infrastructure for cutting-edge studies. The CNRU is pursuing a wide variety of projects with one common ingredient – the instrumental role that nutrition plays in keeping us healthy.

Published: 25 Jan 2023

McGill teams participate in Deep Space Food Challenge

On January 17, two McGill teams, InSpira Photobioreactor and the Cricket Rearing, Collection, and Transformation System (CRCTS) competing under the McGill Advanced Bio-Regenerative Toolkit for Long Excursion Trips (MARTLET) umbrella, presented their prototypes to the NASA/CSA Deep Space Food Challenge’s jury.

Published: 25 Jan 2023

Whyte-led research among Québec Science's top 10 discoveries of 2022

Three of the ten studies honoured by the award-winning science magazine

Published: 25 Jan 2023

CIFOR-ICRAF announces Dr. Eliane Ubalijoro as CEO

Eliane Ubalijoro (B.Sc.(Agr)’92, M.Sc.’95, Ph.D.’01) has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Center for International Forestry Research and World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF) and Director General of ICRAF -the world’s leading research and development centre on trees, forests and landscapes. Dr. Ubalijoro will be the first African woman Director General of a CGIAR Research Center and CEO of two Centers in CGIAR’s 52-year history.

Published: 25 Jan 2023

Agropur sells U.S. manufacturing plant

Dairy processor Agropur continues to refocus its activities. After selling its interests in IÖGO yogurts two years ago, in December it sold a Wisconsin-based plant used to manufacture dairy and non-dairy ingredient blends. The sale price was not disclosed.

Published: 13 Jan 2023

New Resource making McGill labs more sustainable

Interested in making your lab a more sustainable place to work and study?

Check out the Sustainable Labs Guide, a newly updated resource to help McGill faculty, staff, and students operate their labs more sustainably. This online guide suggests about 75 actionable steps to improve water and energy conservation, animal research, waste management, and more.

Published: 13 Jan 2023

Janice Pierson named General Manager of Macdonald Farm

Ms. Janice Pierson will join Macdonald as the General Manager of the Macdonald Campus Farm effective January 9, 2023.

Published: 9 Jan 2023

Mac Campus dairy wins regional award for milk excellence

For the third year in a row, the Macdonald Campus Dairy Unit has been awarded the title of Regional Club of Excellence Milk Quality Champion by dairy industry giant Agropur.

Accepting the award at a regional meeting on November 25, Natasha Lapointe, Animal Science Coordinator of the Dairy Unit, credited her team’s commitment to maintaining high standards.

Published: 9 Jan 2023

Wees: The life of the Christmas tree

"Cultivated trees grow faster [than their natural counterparts] because in the early years much effort is spent weeding out the competition," points out David Wees, Faculty Lecturer in the Department of Plant Science at McGill's Macdonald Campus.

Published: 9 Jan 2023


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