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Left turn ban from Boulevard des Anciens-Combattants (northbound) onto Hwy 20W from 16h-18h effective September 17

The Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue City Council has voted in favor of banning left turns on boulevard des Anciens-Combattants northbound at the intersection of the ramp for Highway 20 West between 16h00 and 18h00. The changes will go into effect on September 17, 2018.

Rest assured that officials from Macdonald and John Abbott College did make a representation to the Town about the potential impact of this decision on the campus community prior to the decision being taken.

Published: 21 Aug 2018

Agents de conservation du futur

In a recent episode of  La Semaine Verte, Professor Salwa Karboune gaves viewers a birds-eye view of her work to define the antimicrobial activity of certain natural ingredients and better understand how they interact with each other....

Published: 21 Sep 2018

Un nouveau centre pour démystifier les sciences agricoles

Le campus Macdonald de l’Université McGill disposera bientôt d’un nouvel espace pour faire connaître au grand public la vraie nature de l’agriculture moderne.  ...

Published: 21 Sep 2018

Kyle Elliott 2017 World Economic Forum New Champion on Global Collaboration in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Kyle Elliott (NRS), Canada Research Chair in Arctic Ecology is in Tianjin, China to participate in the Annual Meeting of the New Champions of the World Economic Forum (WEF). In 2017, Kyle was named by the WEF one of the best scientists in the world under the age of 40.  The theme of this year’s meeting is the need for global collaboration in the 4th Industrial Revolution.  

Published: 17 Sep 2018

Pot jobs are 'legion' but Canadian cannabis companies struggling to find workers

The weed industry is booming but cannabis companies are struggling with a growing problem: finding the right employees in the run-up to Canada legalizing recreational marijuana in October.

As Canada becomes only the second country to legalize recreational use, the cannabis industry could add 150,000 jobs over the next several years, according to an estimate from Deloitte.

Published: 12 Sep 2018

Lutte contre la faim: Découverte de super patates plus nutritives

Des chercheurs montréalais et colombiens ont découvert trois super pommes de terre capables de lutter contre la faim et la malnutrition. « Ce sont des pommes de terre plus nutritives que les autres, une véritable innovation », se réjouit Hugo Melgar-Quiñonez, directeur de l’Institut pour la sécurité alimentaire globale, à l’Université McGill.

Published: 12 Sep 2018

Cannabis PhD takes higher education to a new level

There will doubtless be more and more postgraduate degrees based on cannabis production after it has been legalized, says Anja Geitmann, dean of agriculture at Montreal’s McGill University. “I’m pretty sure it’s going to change the research landscape in the sense that researchers now have access or can do research on the plant much easier,” she says.

Published: 10 Sep 2018

NEW: Drop-in Appointments at Counselling Services

Starting on September 10, 30-minute drop-in consultations will be available Monday to Friday. Registration starts at 9:30 and appointments are first-come, first-served. This is a great option if you have a pressing issue you need to work through quickly.

Published: 6 Sep 2018

Welcome new and returning students!

The McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) would like to welcome all new students to McGill and welcome back all returning students. Whether you are just starting or finishing up, be sure to take advantage of CaPS in the year ahead. We are here to help you - whether you are trying to find a part-time job, prepare grad school applications, find post-graduation work or find out career possibilities related to your major....

Published: 28 Aug 2018

SPF Spotlight: Autonomous Controlled-Environment Growth Chamber Display

Like a high-tech vending machine, but with lettuce!

Published: 27 Aug 2018

SPF Spotlight: The Macdonald Campus Orchards

McGill’s Very Own Circular Micro-Economy

Published: 27 Aug 2018

Pour plus d’Autochtones dans le milieu de la santé

Les universités canadiennes accueillent encore bien peu d'étudiants autochtones, encore moins dans le domaine de la santé....

Published: 27 Aug 2018

When treating and researching infertility, let’s not forget the men

By Vardit Ravitsky, Associate Professor of Bioethics at the University of Montreal and Sarah Kimmins, Associate Professor at McGill University and Canada Research Chair in Epigenetics, Reproduction and Development.

Published: 27 Aug 2018

Citizen scientists show Black Widows creeping north in Canada

To humans, 31 miles may not seem like a very long distance to travel, but for a spider, it’s a long, long way to go. Emily Chung at the CBC reports on a new study that shows that since the 1960s, the northern black widow spider, Latrodectus variolus, has crawled that much further into Canada and may continue skittering northward as the climate changes....

Published: 27 Aug 2018

Martine Bourgeois, deux fois Agricultrice de l’année

Martine Bourgeois [BSc(Agr)'82] gagne pour une deuxième année consécutive le prix de l’Agricultrice de l’année de la Montérégie-Est. … « Quand je faisais mes études [au baccalauréat en agriculture à l’Université McGill], il y avait peu d’accès pour les filles. J’ai été chanceuse d’avoir eu un emploi, mais il a vraiment fallu que je fasse ma place. J’ai osé faire des changements et sortir de ma zone de confort, ce que je ne regrette pas....

Published: 23 Aug 2018